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Six Tactics Marketers Use To Target Customers At Home During The Pandemic

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In a constantly evolving industry, it can be very difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest advertising trends and what actually works to get your brand noticed. Now, imagine a global pandemic hits and people are living without knowing what the next day will bring, we are in fact experiencing this as COVID-19 disrupts our routines.

Today, advertisers are posed with increasing challenges to develop creative solutions to reach their target audiences since we are faced with limitations and with the majority of the audience working and staying at home. A fraction of people now commute to work which has greatly impacted radio and billboard advertisements with traffic down by almost 70% in many cities. Though marketers are well equipped to stay ahead of the game and predict market changes, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to get creative in order to keep their message alive for existing and future clients.

Here are six tactics that advertisers use to target customers at home during the pandemic:

  • Smart Marketers use Advanced Segmentation

Advertisers are going to great lengths to first and foremost segment their audience and potential targets into the right categories based on their lifestyle, interests, habits and any other publicly available consumer or commercial data available. This has become one of the key steps in getting to the right target audience at the right time and with the right massage. By answering questions like —  Who is your target audience? What are their likes and dislikes? What do they do for a living? Marketers are able to practice empathetic marketing — if you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, you will get a better understanding of what they will be most interested in while at home and throughout the pandemic.

  • Smart Marketers Create Captivating Content

The key to capturing attention is to have content that captivates the audience People are interested in reading, viewing and hearing about topics that impact their daily lives. So marketers have amped up their game when it comes to creating captivating content to target customers. This is the time to get really creative especially since what people thought was important to them before COVID-19 has immensely changed! Watching sports daily has become secondary at least for now and we are seeing that impact complete industries. So switch out your content game and create the perfect eye-catching content.

  • Smart Marketers know how their target customer consumes information at home

There is a reason why getting to know your target customer is so important. Once you understand your target audience and their behaviors, you will get a better sense of how they are consuming information be it via websites, cable tv, streaming tv, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, their mobile devices, the local newspaper or any thing else. There is always a pattern and the best marketers figure out the pattern first and then they go to work. Do this one thing before you figure out how to send them the captivating content you have created.

  • Smart Marketers Distribute Ads & Content Wisely

Based on who your client is and what they need your top priority should be to use the right advertising channel to distribute your content successfully. Use experts to distribute content and to send your ads. Using an expert will save you time and will maximize your ad budget. This is the most expensive part of marketing and is also crucial to setting up an effective multi-dimensional marketing campaign.

  • Smart Marketers Rely on Data and Analytics To Optimize Campaigns

In our connected world it’s easy to get feedback on who watched what and when using the wealth of analytical channels available. Get smart with analytics and you can easily get ahead of your competition and also reach your target audience at home much more effectively

  • Smart Marketers Are Emphatic

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to take an empathetic approach when advertising your message.

Many brands can impact people’s lives during these times by showing they care and support their audiences. They relate to their audience and this is what builds world-class brands even during a global pandemic.

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Auz Khan , CEO and founder of AdWatch Media
Auz Khan is the CEO and founder of AdWatch Media. Auz is a graduate from the University of Madras, India, with a bachelor’s of engineering degree in electronics and communications. He has worked with sales and marketing teams for over two decades and has bought and sold several companies focused on customer outreach and operational efficiency during his professional career. Auz is a voracious reader and also advises on topics about finance and general management.

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