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Digital Marketing Success Platform TapClassifieds Unveils Chatter

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TapClassifieds announces a beta launch of Chatter, a new website chat solution that provides businesses with accuracy, speed, and informative engagement to their website visitors. With Chatter, shoppers communicate with the business directly on the website or start a conversation over SMS, all routing to the dealership’s CRM for attribution.

Chatter extends the TapClassifieds ChatHub customer engagement solution suite that includes a web app for the business to manage all shopper communication and CarBo – the AI virtual assistant that responds to questions 24/7 and while the staff is busy. CarBo can be customized to represent the business, answering shopper questions while collecting contact information. The sales team can step in at any time to engage these shoppers from the convenience of their mobile phones.

“We are excited to continue our innovation in customer engagement,” says Jaideep Jain, CEO. “Chatter allows businesses to extend all our engagement options under ChatHub to their website visitors providing these shoppers with instant answers to any questions and increasing the conversion rate of these shoppers into customers.”

Chatter is available for installation on a dealership website. Chatter gives multiple options for responding to shopper’s inquiries on the website – a custom message autoresponder for the business or CarBo,  TapClassifieds’ AI virtual assistant. CarBo initiates engagement by providing answers based on information available in the product inventory feed before the sales team engages the shopper. The sales staff can respond from their cell phones without having to download any app or software. Business’ sales staff will receive text notifications whenever a shopper chats on the website.

Customer engagement online is a critical part of the automotive buying journey. According to the Facebook Messaging Survey, 63% of people across generations prefer to message than call or email. In addition, 61% of car buyers and service customers say the speed of the dealership’s response impacts their decision to purchase with them over others, according to the Automotive Digital Retailing Consumer Trends Study. If the customer has not received a message within 5 minutes, they have already moved on. Chatter ensures customers receive prompt responses with no wait times.

TapClassifieds is offering Chatter for a free 90 day beta for all customers who sign up by the end of November. Those interested in participating in TapClassifieds’ Chatter website chat beta program, please sign up here, or call (888) 559-0588 to learn more.

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