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Inperium Launches Sales Force Automation Solution

Inperium is entering one of the world’s largest SaaS markets, comprising approximately 55 percent of the overall sales technology market.
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Inperium, a provider of customer engagement and cloud communications platform for small and medium-size enterprises, announced today that it is coming out of stealth mode to launch a suite of essential SaaS applications that organizations of all industries and sizes can leverage to achieve their ever increasing growth goals.

Inperium announced the general availability of their first product, Inperium Sell, a sales force automation (SFA) solution, as well as pre-announced the forthcoming beta program for Inperium Talk, which provides unified communication as a service (UCaaS). These two offerings establish a firm foundation for a comprehensive platform of powerful yet easy-to-use SaaS applications that integrate readily with each other and with tools from other vendors. With Inperium, organizations of all sizes can orchestrate their entire sales process, reach clients faster, serve them better, and enable their mobile workforce to function efficiently as a unified team — all while reining in complexity and cost.

Inperium is entering two of the world’s largest SaaS markets, with the SFA, comprising approximately 55% of the overall sales technology market, according to Gartner.

Although there are plenty of established vendors in both markets, small and medium-sized organizations are still struggling to operationalize essential business applications, such as a sales CRM and a cloud phone system, that not only have the advanced features and cost-effective pricing model, but also integrate easily with other solutions. Inperium solutions have enterprise-grade functionality at a reasonable price, without any hidden costs. Moreover, they integrate seamlessly with existing technology ecosystem, and adapt easily to fit the needs of growing businesses.

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