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Social Customer Experience firm Nuvi Realses new EA software

Nuvi's industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine now enhanced by emotional analysis enriches the quality of data for marketers and brands
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Nuvi, the leading enterprise Social Customer Experience (CX) platform, announces the release of emotion analytics (EA) software, a new addition to their proprietary language engine.

While consulting with various high-profile brands, Nuvi realized a need for the marriage of emotion and sentiment analysis as organizations seek for increasingly granular audience data that retains a high degree of relevance. To meet this need, millions of social and online mentions were manually annotated to engineer machine-learning models which yielded high levels of accurate emotional analysis.

“In the world of social media analytics, we often think of sentiment as a key data point for understanding content en masse,” Jake Jenne, VP of Product at Nuvi, expounded on why Nuvi went to such great lengths to include emotion analytics in its software. “Emotion analysis is a finer-grained form of sentiment analysis that helps brands better connect with and understand their customers.”

Nuvi’s emotion analytics are founded on Rober Plutchik’s wheel of emotion, simply termed the Plutchik Model. Plutchik’s psychoevolutionary classification for general emotional responses considers eight emotions as primary due to their intrinsic involvement in triggering behavior. These emotions are anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and joy.

Following Plutchik’s logic, Nuvi’s emotion analytics expresses the emotional significance in written communication with the intent of analyzing each author’s emotional probability toward an action the indicated emotion might cause. Emotions analysis combined with Nuvi’s unique approach to data visualization further enhances the granularity at which brands can analyze customer behavior and trends.

Dan Emodi, a technology-marketing veteran, explained the power of emotion analysis:

“Understanding emotion applies to almost everything we do, from working out to understanding brands to providing service and call centers to interacting with our loved ones.”

Already industry-leading in sentiment analysis, the new emotion analytic software enhances Nuvi’s highly-accurate NLP engine with in-depth insights into an audience’s emotional disposition.

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