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This week, Bottle Rocket and Social.Lab announced a collaboration that brings together the core strengths of each of these two Ogilvy powerhouses. Bottle Rocket, a world leader in application design and product development for the Connected Lifestyle, and Social.Lab, a global social marketing specialist, have partnered to deliver superior design, product, and social campaign outcomes for clients.

In today’s digital age, more informed customers equate to less loyalty across the board and marketers now increasingly need to deliver more personalized and contextualized experiences.

The Bottle Rocket and Social.Lab partnership offers customers a new view into what enhanced optimization and increased ROI of web and mobile applications can mean for business. When insights from social are mined and reinvested in the form of product development enhancements, and vice versa, what often is a siloed investment can quickly become a continual source of improvement for both channels thus providing better business outcomes overall.

“Social.Lab has a history of innovation, so when the opportunity presented itself to join forces with Bottle Rocket, the decision was simple,” remarks Yves Baudechon, Social.Lab’s Co-founder and President. “Social can deliver a transformative business results for clients.  Where we’ve been able to fully harness the enhanced customer targeting capabilities available on the social platforms and deliver a rigorous approach to optimization, we’ve shown that we can deliver more value for our client’s social media budgets.”

This track record was once again clear to see this week when WARC ranked Social.Lab as the third most effective Specialist and Digital Agency in the World.

“As we continue to help our clients understand and achieve success in the Connected Lifestyle, we proactively seek opportunities to over deliver on customer expectations and truly meet customers where they are at, no matter the device or channel,” says Calvin Carter, Bottle Rocket’s Founder and CEO. “This new partnership will allow us to leverage real-time customer insights to gain a deeper, more intimate knowledge of our client’s customers that will ultimately result in deeper, more authentic connections between our client’s and their users.”

About Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket is a Connected Lifestyle specialist and a designer and builder of preeminent technology-enabled experiences.  For over ten years, we are privileged to have partnered with many of the world’s most iconic brands to deliver sustainable competitive advantage and undeniable business impact. Our over 450 connected experiences continue to create meaningful connections between brands and consumers and have changed how our clients compete and win in the marketplace. Bottle Rocket is a strategic partner within the world-wide WPP integrated communications network. To learn more, visit us at or drop us a note at

About Social.Lab
Social.Lab is a global Social specialist operating in the US and across the world. As a leader in Social media marketing, Social.Lab is a dynamic community of social-at-heart specialists that bring together creativity and strategy with agility and a performance focus to make brands matter in the Social Age. Social.Lab works for global clients like BMW, Philips, BAT, Chanel, IBM, Vans and Uniliever. To learn more, visit us

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