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Social Media Marketing Company Launches Social Selling Suite

From now on, direct selling companies can encourage distributors to become amplified voices of their brand and retain their uniqueness on social media. Distributors can focus on the human-to-human approach with clients, while HQs can keep an eye on their performance.
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PromoRepublic, a leading social media marketing SaaS for multi-location brands, is launching a complete social selling suite for direct selling companies that addresses the needs of both marketing executives at the corporate offices and representatives worldwide.

The platform enables symbiosis between independent distributors and strategic-minded marketing executives when it comes to social media marketing. Non-tech-savvy distributors often find content posting challenging when using the tools for sharing and managing digital assets. At the same time, corporate offices realize that marketing results are out of their hands and there’s no space for strategic planning in such circumstances.

With PromoRepublic on board, direct selling companies have the opportunity to quickly launch pre-scheduled campaigns on social media and empower their distributors with apps for easy on-the-go posting. The corporate office stays in control of the campaign flow, its performance, and brand compliance.

So this is what’s inside the box:

  • A social media marketing platform that enables fast content distribution and consistent posting. Corporate offices can suggest the content for distributors’ approval along with the time to publish it. Distributors get reminders about new posts and it takes just a click to approve them and post on time.
  • A Live shopping tool that makes it easy for distributors to showcase products online in interactive videos. Streaming is available on YouTube, Facebook groups, and pages.
  • A sales efficiency tool that enables representatives to have their contact management and communications visually organized, automate multi-channel messaging and increase efficiency of their sales funnel. They can also pick ready-to-use message templates via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other relevant channels for business communications.
  • A compliance control tool, empowered by AI algorithms, that monitors mentions on social media, forums, blogs, media, review platforms, and immediately notifies your compliance team of any policy violations.

“PromoRepublic focuses on two aspects that modern direct selling businesses value in social media platforms: activating distributors to be brand ambassadors online and helping them focus on client relationships,” said PromoRepublic CEO & Co-founder Max Pecherskyi. “Our toolkit, desktop & mobile product versions and education services for distributors offer a tailored solution for direct selling businesses to scale social media through every business aspect: from marketing to sales and compliance.” 

Overall, the platform unites the key products that help direct selling companies empower distributors to develop brand ambassadorship and grow their sales on social media while keeping HQs in control of results and policy regulations.

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