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SoundCommerce Expands SoundCommerce Campaign, Data and Intelligence

New SoundCommerce release supports GA4.0 and first-party data sources; simplifies campaign tagging and tracking; ties digital campaign performance to full order and shopper profitability
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Retail data and intelligence platform provider SoundCommerce announced today the newest release of SoundCommerce Campaign – acquisition marketing technology that makes it easy for retail brand marketers to manage paid media campaigns to advance fully-burdened profitability goals.

The release comes at a critical time as retailers and consumer brands experience growing financial pressures from escalating advertising, supply chain and e-commerce delivery costs in parallel with rising inventories and changing consumer demand.

SoundCommerce Campaign helps retail marketers connect, map, and model data across digital marketing campaigns and channels, web analytics and e-commerce storefronts using first-party data to reveal granular shopper and order profitability insights.

Among the consumer brands utilizing SoundCommerce Campaign for digital marketing optimization is fashionable fitness brand Bala based in Los Angeles, CA.

“You traditionally need three, four or five different software platforms to be able to run the customized reports that we run using SoundCommerce. It’s a one-stop-shop platform for us,” said Sam Wilson, Head of Growth at Bala. “Not only does the platform enable access to the data, it also gives departmental leads the ammunition needed to have inter-department profitability conversations.”

With SoundCommerce Campaign, retail marketers have transparent access to key performance metrics – and the underlying modeled data in order to:

  • Measure shopper-specific Cost to Acquire the Customer (CAC), Cost to Re-engage the Customer (CRC) and blended Cost to Engage the Customer (CEC) for new and repeat shoppers across marketing channels;
  • Track Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) as both revenue and contribution profit values relative to CAC, CRC and CEC across marketing channels, to optimize media mix and ad spend allocation;
  • Reconcile performance data across e-commerce transactions captured in storefront platforms like Shopify, web analytics tools like Google Analytics 4.0 and self-reported (unattributed) performance from digital marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads and YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and hundreds of other advertising channels.

“Unlike typical marketing analytics tools, SoundCommerce Campaign equips retail marketers to go beyond revenue metrics by surfacing order profitability and shopper CLV.  This level of data and insights enables coordinated business optimization across marketing, merchandising and direct-to-consumer operations,” stated Diena Lee Mann, SVP of Product & Services at SoundCommerce.

“SoundCommerce innovates on behalf of our growing portfolio of retail customers, helping brand marketers address and solve critical performance challenges,” said Eric Best, CEO and Co-Founder at SoundCommerce. “We ensure retail marketers compete in an industry where profitable growth is an existential challenge.”

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