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Spotify testing interactive voice-activated ads for NARS

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Spotify is testing audio ads by running interactive ads that are activated by voice, for the popular cosmetics company NARS, in the United Kingdom. The martech news space notes that this audio ad approach is significantly different from the interactive audio ads that the company had run for Unilever in a test, last year. This new approach could also represent a newer method for the industry as the pandemic aroused health crisis along with the subsequent shutdown continues to remain in the United Kingdom.

This new ad campaign runs on the free streaming service of Spotify on two platforms, Google and Amazon smart speakers. The ads under this campaign end with a suggestion that the user or listener can ask Google Assistant or Alexa for a free sample of lipstick, mascara, or blush to be delivered to their homes. In order to receive these cosmetics, listeners will have to make use of Send Me a Sample, which is a marketing enterprise that specializes in creating and running interactive campaigns for trials of products. When the listener says ‘Ask Send Me a Sample for NARS’, to their smart assistant, the application helps them navigate through registration, guides them including their address, and then the sample products are mailed to their address. If the users are already listed and registered with Send Me a Sample, they would not have to do anything after they make the vocal request.

For the purpose of creating the actual ads, NARS and Spotify worked together with Vizeum and The Story Lab agencies.

Rakesh Patel, the head of Sales at Spotify U.K stated that the firm is thrilled to be getting into an alliance with NARS as well as The Story Lab for creating and delivering this creative voice-activated ad campaign.

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