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Stor.ai Expands Personalization Capabilities

The launch of the Smart Basket will be the first of many AI-powered personalization tools bringing the in-store experience seamlessly to the home
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Stor.ai, the end-to-end digital commerce solution for grocers, today announced the launch of its Smart Basket, in addition to other personalization tools to meet the shifting industry. Harnessing AI to support personalization efforts, the Smart Basket will make online grocery shopping more experiential, seamless and simple.

In a highly competitive eCommerce landscape, grocers understand that customers want the convenience of online shopping with the familiarity of a local grocery store. While last mile solutions were an easy solution initially, the cost in terms of brand loyalty and access to key customer data has become increasingly apparent. Thus, the critical next step in the evolution of online grocery is the development of personalization strategies.

Stor.ai’s AI-powered Smart Basket is a robust tool that guides the purchase journey and is tailored to individual customers. Customers will benefit from intuitive experiences including product promotions, option to repurchase a “one-click” basket, reminders based on previous purchase history and recommendations for alternative or complimentary products. Grocers can also simulate in-store comforts and personal touches, boost their own private label products, all while providing an efficient and seamless shopping experience. The launch of the Smart Basket is one of many products in Stor.ai’s suite of tools designed to provide personalized efficiency for online grocery. Others include personalized home pages, search engines and personalized recommendations for simple product discovery.

Combining the personalization tools with Stor.ai’s flagship POS Integration system and Picker-App, grocers can ensure their inventory is efficiently managed and every order is easily fulfilled. As a result, grocers can have an effective and personal cart-to-door fulfilment process, providing a superior experience for their customers.

“Our personalization tools are helping grocers differentiate themselves from competitors,” said Irit Fridlis Weinstein, VP Strategy and Innovation of Stor.ai. “For most shoppers, digital grocery shopping is all about the convenience it offers. By creating personalized experiences, customers are more engaged with brands and are encouraged to repeat purchases, which is key for grocers to grow and maintain operations. We look forward to continuing to help grocers effectively and innovatively connect with their customers in a digital world.”

“We are thrilled to expand our personalization offerings which further strengthens our position as the market leader in providing retailers with an entire digital ecosystem to help them sell online easily, and scale up their operations’ profitably,” said Mendel Gniwisch, EVP of Business Development at Stor.ai. “With Stor.ai, grocers can customize digital technologies to suit their business needs from our vast ecosystem of tools.”

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