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Strum Platform™ Launches as New Business Intelligence Data Analytics

Strum Platform™ Launches as New Business Intelligence Data Analytics Software Designed for User Personalization, Targeting and ROI Performance

Strum, a financial services data-driven marketing and brand consultancy agency, announced today the launch of Strum Platform™, its new advanced end-to-end business intelligence (BI) data analytics platform.

Strum Platform’s dynamic AI-driven data warehouse offers financial executives actionable analytics insights. The web-based platform provides “on the fly” visualized BI dashboards, embedded Google Maps and automated tools to accelerate executives’ digital strategy, optimize growth performance and personalize relevant one-to-one user experiences and onboarding.

“We have capitalized on our team’s decades of financial services data analytics expertise in lifestyle segmentation, product marketing, profit modeling, brand experience design, and market growth planning,” shared Strum’s CEO Mark Weber. “We’re providing our clients analytical power tools, as well as expert consulting and automation to solve their ‘last mile’ challenges.”

Executives can now share a single source of accurate, data visualized intelligence with Strum Platform. The platform is designed to make smarter, faster aligned business decisions. Strum Platform also improves collaboration for teams around KPI, as well as branch and customer relationship growth. Equipped with clean, timely and rich consumer, product, branch and market data and insights, users can also rapidly execute market growth actions to drive deeper client relationships and more profitable revenues.

Strum Platform seamlessly links core systems and disparate data sources into an elegant and secure Azure-cloud data warehouse. With simple dynamic query insights, algorithms, and data models like ProfitTrac™, Strum Platform delivers analytics responses to complex product, customer, product profitability and branch results. These features help executives actively manage growth, while improving personalized user experiences.

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