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SupportLogic Announces Integration with Gainsight

Partnership Enables Companies to Predict Escalations and Reduce Churn with 360-Degree View of Customer Support Health

SupportLogic, the world’s first Support Experience (SX™) management platform, today announced an integration with Gainsight, the industry’s leading customer success management platform. The joint solution empowers customer success managers to proactively act on their support insights to level up customer relationships, reduce firefighting customer escalations, and boost revenue retention.

Customer success outcomes often depend on delivering a good support experience, according to The Technology and Services Industry Association (TSIA). In particular, lower resolution times and high assisted support satisfaction correlate to higher renewal rates. SupportLogic, together with Gainsight, provides a holistic customer support health score by bringing AI-based customer signals from support cases directly into Gainsight.

“Until now, customer support and success processes have been siloed and have created challenges due to the inability to access a comprehensive view of customer health signals across various customer-facing functions,” said Judith Platz, Chief Customer Officer at SupportLogic. “By being able to proactively identify support signals from SupportLogic directly in Gainsight, customer success managers can better capture the true voice of the customer, act on those insights and elevate their brands.”

Now with the integration of SupportLogic and Gainsight, customer success managers can:

  • Proactively monitor and triage top customer issues
  • Rapidly identify and reduce product friction
  • Predict and resolve customer churn before it happens
  • Stop firefighting customer escalations
  • Quickly understand and act on negative sentiment

SupportLogic’s AI analyzes every support ticket to extract customer signals, including but not limited to frustration, confusion, and negative sentiment, to establish contextual scores over time and preemptively predict escalations. Whenever SupportLogic detects a notable event, it is automatically pushed to Gainsight and the customer account where this signal was detected.

“Support health is a critical part of the overall customer health,” said Kellie Capote, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight. “The integration with SupportLogic brings in the most valuable support insights and alerts automatically into Gainsight to help CSMs improve customer outcomes. Just plug it into your existing support ticketing system to continuously monitor and analyze 100% of your tickets.”

SupportLogic has built an extensive roster of enterprise technology customers like Salesforce, HPE Aruba, Snowflake, and Palo Alto Networks, who are acting on insights from customer support signals to measurably improve their customers’ experiences with reduced escalations, decreased case resolution time, and reduced churn.

“Delivering a unified customer experience across support and success is a key component of customer health. As a customer of both SupportLogic and Gainsight, we’re excited about the integration,” said Marilyn Lin, VP of Global Customer Support at Delphix. “Giving our CSMs the ability to automatically see and act on support health signals will make it easier for them to maintain industry-leading customer satisfaction, retention and healthy revenue growth.”

SupportLogic will demonstrate this capability at Gainsight’s Pulse Conference as a Gold Sponsor in San Francisco on May 17-18, 2023.

In June 2023, SupportLogic will host the 2nd annual SX Live conference dedicated to Support Experience. This three-day virtual industry event will bring together senior leaders and practitioners from the support and customer success fields. Registration is now open.

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