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SyncWords Launches Live Captions and Subtitles in 40+ languages


SyncWords, the leading provider for virtual event live captioning, is excited to announce a new service offering of Live Captions and Subtitles in over 40 languages, powered by machine learning, automatic speech recognition and supported 24/7 by a dedicated tech team. This new offering will be available on over 100+ Virtual Event Platforms, thus cementing SyncWords’ position as the leading captioning and subtitling service provider in the industry.

Solving an Old Problem in a Creative Way

Automatic Speech Recognition (Live ASR) by itself is not enough to provide the best viewer experience. SyncWords’ technicians assigned to events can work with customers to build dictionaries that will significantly increase accuracy of Automatic Captioning. This means that critical vocabulary, names, and brands will be correctly transcribed, translated, and delivered in real time to virtual event platforms, mobile phones, and web browsers.

With this latest offering, SyncWords now offers automatic live captions and subtitles in 40+ source languages for virtual and hybrid events. All this is hassle-free, even with tight scheduling needs, complemented with personalized expert technician for every single event 24/7. With this solution, event agencies, organizers, and virtual meeting planners can use SyncWords’ solution to provide real time captions and subtitles in multiple languages for webinars, conferences, and in-person live events through an embedded widget and a custom QR code access. Contact us for a full list of languages.

While most platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, and Google Meet support a limited number of languages, SyncWords offers 40+ languages, thus enabling global users to caption their meetings in real-time.

One of SyncWords’ customers, Leslie W. Lense, Executive Director at Texas A&M University, shared her experience: “Many thanks to SyncWords for thinking outside of the box to solve our closed captioning need! We needed to provide closed captioning for 47 breakout sessions, two keynotes, and a CIO Panel. SyncWords partnered with us, worked to understand the conference platform technology, and provided their innovative solution for automatic captioning.”

Solving Tech Challenges for Automatic Captioning

Not all virtual event platforms are optimized to work with automatic captioning (Live ASR).  The SyncWords Team is able to solve this by capturing the audio directly from the meeting application and sending it to the SyncWords Live platform for automatic captioning. This means that audio from any meeting or virtual event application can work with the SyncWords Automatic Captioning solution.

Testing SyncWords Automatic Captioning

SyncWords Live enables live event planners to test automatic captioning workflows ahead of their live event or conference. Using our platform, any AV team can set up a test environment and try the automatic captioning for themselves. This means that clients can test their streaming workflows, demonstrate this system to stakeholders, and plan rehearsals all with a simple easy-to-use web interface.

“This new live automatic captioning solution is far superior to anything I have used before”, said Giovanni Galvez, VP of Business Development at SyncWords and captioning expert. “Our technicians are able to prepare the system using machine learning to get high accuracy and help our customers with all technical aspects of capturing the audio from the meeting.”

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