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WideOrbit launches the latest version of WO Marketplace

Introduces automated rate optimization technology to improve offer quality and maximize yield

WideOrbit, the market leader in broadcast TV and radio inventory and revenue management, announced the launch of the latest version of WO Marketplace, the sell-side advertising platform that automates ad sales transactions, providing local TV broadcasters streamlined access to new demand from demand-side platforms (DSPs) and agencies. WO Marketplace simplifies the ad sales process, allowing broadcasters to maximize revenues with optimized rates while maintaining transparency into buyers and their offers.

WideOrbit is the system of record for more than $37 billion in advertising spend annually for over 6,000 stations and networks, including 90% of local US broadcast TV stations. WO Marketplace makes local TV ad inventory easily accessible to buyers seeking premium, near-to-air inventory, increasing competition which in turn increases inventory value. Providing complete transparency into the client, the rate offered, and the creative, WO Marketplace allows broadcasters to retain full control over which offers to accept.

The enhanced WO Marketplace platform introduces WideOrbit’s proprietary optimizer technology, which allows broadcasters to set their own rate guidance to ensure offers meet their rate criteria. Invisible to buyers, broadcaster-defined rate guidance is used to match buyer offers to the seller’s rates for maximized revenue.

Integration with Comscore media measurement for impression and ratings data ensures WO Marketplace’s optimizer technology assigns high-quality offers to help sellers realize their revenue goals, while also helping buyers achieve their CPM and impression goals. With WO Marketplace, broadcasters sell based on impressions, offering inventory by daypart and inventory code so preempts are minimized. Spots are also non-guaranteed, so there are no makegoods and no posting.

“As the demand for automated buying and selling of linear, broadcast TV continues to grow, WideOrbit is excited to introduce the newest version of our sell-side platform, WO Marketplace,” said Eric Mathewson, WideOrbit Founder and CEO. “In addition to improved access to high-quality demand, WO Marketplace offers broadcasters greater visibility, flexibility, and control, allowing them to optimize rates and maximize yield.”

WO Marketplace integrates seamlessly with WO Traffic, allowing broadcasters to easily set rate guidance, compare WO Marketplace offers against what is booked in WO Traffic, accept offers, and electronically transfer orders and materials directly into WO Traffic.

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