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Tatari Integrates Experian’s Marketing Data in its platform

TV buying and measurement platform broadens its data and targeting capabilities

Tatari, a leading platform for buying and measuring advertising across both linear and streaming TV, today announced the integration of Experian’s marketing data into the Tatari platform. With access to Experian’s audience ecosystem, which provides a deeper understanding of consumers, Tatari bolsters its data and insights to further modernize TV advertising for brands, agencies, and publishers.

More than 200 brands and agencies use the Tatari platform for buying and measuring TV advertising. Now, these ad buyers have easy access to Experian’s Living Unit Identifier (LUID) to better leverage the power of targeted TV advertising and assess performance.

“When digitally-native advertisers spend on TV, they bring digital expectations of accurate measurement and optimized buying,” said Andy Schonfeld, Chief Revenue Officer of Tatari. “Experian is one of the most trusted and dependable names in audience data, and working with them ensures that our brand and agency customers have greater access to the insights that prove that TV advertising drives real-world outcomes.”

Tatari works directly with the leading data providers, including audience insights and TV viewership providers.

“TV advertising is undergoing a massive transformation, as advertisers finally gain the tools needed to prove that their advertising actually works,” said Chris Feo, SVP Sales and Partnerships for Marketing Services at Experian. “Tatari has built the infrastructure to power the future of TV advertising across linear and streaming, and we’re happy to work with them to help advertisers find their audience and measure the impact of their spend.”

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