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Tethr announces JOLTRx, to analyze sales conversations

New capabilities launched in connection with the release of The JOLT Effect, a new book featuring research conducted using Tethr technology
Tethr announces

Tethr, the leading AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, announced today the availability of JOLTRx, new dashboards that enable businesses to analyze their sales conversations and improve results by identifying the effect of indecision on your agents that cause sales to stall. The new capabilities come in conjunction with the launch of The JOLT Effect: How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision, a book by Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna, founding partners of DCM Insights, a firm that helps organizations optimize customer experience and sales performance.

The JOLT Effect, from the co-author of several bestselling books including The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation, is a paradigm-shattering approach to identifying and overcoming customer indecision. Dixon and McKenna, along with Tethr’s data science team, used the Tethr platform to study more than 2.5 million sales calls and identified customer indecision as a primary reason for lost sales. Dixon and McKenna further used Tethr to identify how top-performing sellers overcame indecision and closed sales, a methodology described in the book.

Now, Tethr is making the insights available to sales organizations via JOLTRx – a packaged offering that includes Tethr’s sophisticated sales insight models and pre-built dashboards.

“This is arguably the largest research study of sales losses ever performed and would have not been possible without the power of the Tethr platform,” said Dixon. “Tethr has a unique approach to modeling human conversations to extract meaningful insights, which enabled us to study sales conversations at unprecedented scale.”

“The research behind The JOLT Effect is truly groundbreaking, identifying customer indecision as a major blocker to closed sales and surfacing best practices for improvement,” said Robert Beasley, CEO at Tethr. “We are thrilled to bring the JOLT methodology to sales organizations so they can improve results using our new JOLTRx offering.”

Tethr is a cloud-based conversation intelligence platform that combines powerful AI, machine learning, and over a decade of research to surface contextual insights from customer interactions. Tethr quickly and easily turns large amounts of unstructured customer conversation data into insights that fuel smarter decisions and improved business performance. To try Tethr for free, visit

DCM Insights works with some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies to optimize sales performance and customer experiences through analysis of a vast array of customer data, including conversational data. DCM Insight’s mission is to debunk myths of customer engagement and find new paths to company growth using scientific methods. To learn more, visit

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