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The Best Conversational AI Chatbots for 2022

Customers have some set of specific questions about your services or want information about your company, that’s where Conversational AI chatbots come in the picture! When businesses use a chatbot, they will be able to serve more customers, enhance first response time, and augment agent efficiency.
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Conversational AI is all about the programming that allows a machine to mimic and converse with humans. We can simply say that AI-chatbots use conversational AI to understand and have a conversational experience with humans!

Chatbots remember the human interactions with machine learning. Chatbots can further understand various inputs and determine the intent of the messages using Natural Language Processing. And with the help of intelligent analysis, chatbots make recommendations based on previous records.

Well, if you are not using conversational AI chatbots yet, you should start now. These chatbots will not only improve customer service but can assist in a lot more things.  

But, before we dive into the best conversational AI platforms, let’s first look at what they are and how they can help your business.

What Is A Conversational AI Chatbot?

A Conversational AI chatbot is a program or tool that is built to understand and have conversations with people. It is a method used for automating conversations where people get information from machines in a way that resembles conversations between people.

The main reason behind using Conversational AI chatbots is because customers have some set of specific questions about your services or want information about your company. When businesses use a chatbot, they will be able to serve more customers, enhance first response time, and augment agent efficiency. 

Providing customers with an easy way of asking questions with immediate answers creates trust in your brand. So what you get is a happy customer who is confident enough to buy your products. What does any business want more than this!

So now if you are wondering, which Conversational AI chatbots are the best, here are a few to choose from.

Which Conversational AI chatbots are the best?


AlphaChat is a Conversational AI chatbot that allows businesses to build bots for their website. Along with Natural Language Understanding, the AI also authenticates users with deep automation for online customer service and sales.

Top features of AlphaChat include built-in Natural Language Understanding, a tool for website chat automation, API to authenticate users and provide custom automated support, and pre-trained industry templates that work in all languages.


Meya is a conversational AI chatbot that aids in developing personalized virtual assistants. It enables the creation of instinctive chatbots, using workflow automation, and various channel integration features. This chatbot is used for delivering personalized upsells considering the customer data.

Top features of Meya include 3rd party integrations, multiple cloud hosting, own markup language, along customized widgets.


Aivo is a conversational AI chatbot used for cross-channel customer service automation. The AI technology creates unstructured interactions enabling the bot to understand errors, slang, emojis, voice messages, and regional differences. The chatbot is capable of modifying the answers automatically across various platforms.

Top features of Aivo include virtual assistant training, live chat, WhatsApp integration, and voice integration.


Activechat is a conversational AI chatbot that is used for customer interaction automation using smart AI. It makes use of natural language understanding to help virtual assistants in interpreting the live chats for better conversations.

Top features of Activechat include chatbot builder, chatbot training, live chats, and analytics module.


Hyro is a conversational AI chatbot that lets companies include voice or chat services to their websites, apps, and call centers. Natural language understanding is used for two-way conversations simplifying access to information. Hyro allows businesses to interact with their customers and cut the cost of customer support.

Top features of Hyro include analyzing data, virtual assistants, knowledge graphs, and a major focus on healthcare.


Chatbots are intended to boost consumer contact while cutting customer support costs dramatically. Chatbots may help your business in many ways, from saving time as well as money to answering frequently asked questions and providing real-time assistance. However, as more businesses use chatbots to automate customer interactions, selecting the best one will become increasingly difficult. Not all chatbots are appropriate for every situation. Chatbots are made and meant for specific purposes. Finding the correct chatbot could save you time and money while also directing you to more substantial outcomes! Adopt a chatbot for your company right now to reap its benefits.

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