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The Tenets of Modern Marketing

Modern Marketers have various channels for customer engagement defining a brand depth. Technology plays an important role in planning marketing stages. The article highlights 3 pillars of marketing to address modern customer needs.

Modern marketers create leverage in a rapid-changing business environment by delivering the experiences their customers expect and crave. And that is choosing value realization over chasing fads.

The experiences you orchestrate for your audience define your brand. Uniquely positioning your brand for the modern customer requires weaving customer experience through marketing and branding strategies.

Your audience doesn’t want interspersed experiences; it seeks something more immersive. The success in today’s marketing landscape depends on how well you understand your customer and internalize the insights gained. Let’s explore the best principles to hinge your marketing strategy on-

1. It’s Tech and People, in sync

Technology has forever changed the marketing industry. But, one thing to gauge here is that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The advancements in technology have empowered marketers with new systems, channels, and processes congruent with the market evolution. Marketers have been taking great technologic strides forward, rendering the MarTech space on an explosive growth trajectory.

But to facilitate change, you need the right team. What does a modern marketer look like today? What are the indispensable traits? You’re looking at someone who is agile but also inquisitive. Someone with good analytical skills, and yet creative.

The marketing department should have cross-functional communication to get everyone on the same page now that the customer journey is no longer linear.

2. Better Customer Relationships

Start with meaningful communication. Use all data points to create specific, personalized communication plans for your audience. Make space for interaction and engagement. Long gone are the days of one-sided relationships brands had with their audience. Now customers want to be a part of it too.

Make every touchpoint count. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and comprehend what they need from your brand.  Tailor the experience to give them precisely that.

If you’re a product company, make it easier for your customers to use the product. If you’re offering a service, help them navigate the journey. Your customer service should be top-notch.
Because even if your product or service is the best in the market, if you’re not able to help, educate, and resolve your customer’s issues on time, you’ll never be able to build a lasting relationship with them.

Understand not just how your customers are engaging with your brand but also why!

3. Creativity is the Lifeblood

Miracles happen when tech and creativity come together. With creativity, you think about radical solutions. With tech, you make it a reality. Tech can perform many tasks, but producing a unique idea does not make it on the list. Let’s leave the ideation process to humans, people!

Creativity gives technical intelligence meaning. It makes your brand seem refreshing in a pool of thousand others that are excruciatingly mundane. The fresh perspective that your marketing most needs often come from creativity fueled by data.

Data can tell us a lot more if we dare to get creative with it. Technology champions’ change, and creativity shapes it! For instance, you may gather data to gauge customer behavior. But, you’ll need a creative approach to tailor a customized marketing experience for your audience.

It’s a Wrap!

Modern marketing doesn’t steer clear of traditional methods completely. It is highly oriented and strikes a perfect balance between traditional and digital facets. The nucleus of marketing remains the same- market something people want and give them strong reasons to justify the purchase. Modern marketing has only changed how you do it- the channels, mediums, processes, and of course, people.

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