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Thinknear Launches Geolink, First Self-Serve Mobile Advertising Platform

Thinknear announces the release of Geolink

Thinknear by Telenav, a leading location-based mobile marketing company, announces the release of Geolink, a self-serve mobile advertising platform that utilizes the company’s proven location-targeting and campaign-optimization technology. Geolink enables users to manage all aspects of their campaigns directly within the platform, allowing for greater control, efficiency, and performance. It leverages Thinknear’s Location Score technology to provide greater accuracy of targeting, customized reporting and more advanced location toolsets than standard DSPs or ad platforms.

Geolink offers planning, visualization, optimization, and reporting toolsets for mobile advertising campaigns. This allows users to plan their strategy based on real-world consumer data, execute campaigns successfully, and collect meaningful, in-depth reports on those campaigns. Users can count on Geolink for a high-performance, easy-to-use platform that provides the most accurate location data in the industry. It delivers scale, support, and solutions that perform.“Interest in location-based advertising continues to grow and we see an increasing number of use cases for accurate location data in the digital marketing space,” stated Brett Kohn, Thinknear president. “Effective marketing campaigns require reliable data and a robust understanding of real-world consumer behavior. Geolink takes the guesswork out of the equation and delivers the most accurate and efficient targeting for marketers by leveraging Thinknear’s expertise in location data. With nearly two decades of R&D centered on location, no other company can match our depth of experience in building location-focused technologies to connect brands with consumers. Geolink makes location-based mobile marketing simple.”

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