Top E-Commerce Executives Launches GIR Software Services

Houston-Based Digital Giant Establishes a SuiteCommerce Advanced-Focused Startup to Enable E-Commerce Transformation
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Notable executives from one of the world’s most successful digital brands today announce their newly formed company, GIR (Get it Right) Software Services. Founded by Marshall Lerner, a highly regarded e-commerce CEO, and Palak Choksi, a prominent NetSuite expert, GIR enters the e-commerce software arena well-positioned. With experts in all aspects of e-commerce, the company brings over 35 years of combined experience and expertise in designing tailored e-commerce, software development, and NetSuite SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced integrations and deployments.

Based in Houston, a booming tech hub and home to emerging startups and established brands, GIR solves the most complex of challenges for businesses looking to migrate or upgrade their e-commerce capabilities. Specializing in NetSuite SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation, GIR leverages its profound digital expertise to develop and deliver seamless experiences, while providing unmatched support for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

“As the necessity for e-commerce continues to proliferate, so does the urgency for customized integrations and streamlined business operations,” says Marshall Lerner, CEO and Founder of GIR Software Services. “After endlessly searching and failing to find a firm to meet my existing company’s growing needs, I assembled an inside team of tech specialists to create and deploy key differentiators into a once stagnant, now thriving, online business. With the critical shift to digital commerce becoming even more prevalent due to the pandemic, we decided to launch GIR to give businesses the support they need to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

GIR was built on a definite mission to enable digitally-focused companies to get e-commerce solutions right by fusing unparalleled NetSuite expertise with innovation, strategic implementations, and a customer-centric approach. With 75% of buyers and sellers now preferring digital options over face-to-face citing safety, speed, and convenience, GIR is uniquely positioned to empower businesses to reach new digital objectives. Moreover, GIR provides future-proof integrations so they can continue to scale in an ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

“As an early adopter of SuiteCommerce Advanced, we quickly realized that deep experience and the ability to employ customizations and integrations were required to maximize the platform’s benefits,” said Palak Choksi, CTO, GIR Software Services. “After building a strong team of skilled experts in this niche space, we came up with the idea of expanding the group to help other companies maximize the growing B2B and B2C opportunities that exist today.”

Launching at a time when industries are being forced to transform to meet current customer and digital demands, GIR is eager to enable e-commerce businesses with the expertise they need to improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue.

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