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Top Format Roundup for Enhanced Content Marketing

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Content Marketing Seems Like a Juggle when it comes to staying in trend, Catch this post below providing a detailed account on what’s working what’s not.

Content marketing has evolved as a must-have method of marketing in the present era. When you here content marketing, the first thing that comes to your mind is blogs, articles, or other types of written content. Almost all the businesses online try to develop this type of quality content to gain maximum traction and CTA form it. It is being so widely used that many times we, writers feel that the unique content is getting exhausted or have very limited information to offer in our contents. According to eMarketers, 60% of marketers develop at least one piece of content each day.

Content is considered as the currency of the internet, and there are many different types on which brands can focus to engage the audience in a better manner, reach new markets, and provide value to customers. So to make more space for ourselves with respect to content creation, we at Martechcube started using different forms of contents to connect with our audience. 

Let me showcase you some forms of content that we have used to reach our audience more efficiently.

  • Video Content

According to Forbes, 90% of customers say that a video of a product helps them make buying decisions. And 64% say that watching a video makes them more likely to purchase, according to Animoto.

Undoubtedly video marketing is the newest addition in the toolbox of marketing. It helps in gaining the trust of the audience, boosts conversion and sales, and hence enhancing ROI. It gains better engagement with customers and stays in their mind for a very long time.

  • Podcast

Podcasting has gained immense popularity over the past few years. A podcast is a set of audio digital files that are available on the internet for listening and downloading. It is emerging as a powerful and highly engaging marketing tool.

The podcast helps in serving knowledge to the audience and build trust and relation with them. It is a great way to deliver on a social networking strategy. It is a time-efficient way of communication that optimizes traffic generation.

  • Infographic

Do you know how much is the search volume for infographics? No, then here is something very shocking. Since 2012, search volume for infographics has increased over 800%, yes 800%. According to Hubspot, blog articles that included infographics gained over an average of 178% more inbound links and 72% more views than regular other posts.

Infographics are persuasive and eye-catching and prove that you have good knowledge about the subject or you are a subject-matter expert. They are easy to read and understand and hence readers remember it for a very long time.

  • Research-Based Articles

Have you ever wondered why writers spend so much time researching and writing an article for a website? No. Undoubtedly they enjoy researching and writing but above that, they also enjoy it when the audience obtains insight from it and share it with others. There are a number of other reasons too to write an article, such as quality content encourages repeat traffic, builds trust. It also provides valuable knowledge to the audience, increases brand awareness, increases exposure, and also promotes your products and services.

Content Marketing is evolving and spreading out in various branches, to leverage it to drive better results, it is important to fuse various forms of content in your content marketing strategy effectively.

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    Chandrima Samanta
    Content-Editor at MartechCube
    Chandrima is a Content management executive with a flair for creating high quality content irrespective of genre. She believes in crafting stories irrespective of genre and bringing them to a creative form. Prior to working for MartechCube she was a Business Analyst with Capgemini.

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