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Top Guerrilla Marketing Email Strategies For 2020

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We all know Grandpa of digital marketing, ‘Email Marketing‘, but do you know what Guerrilla Marketing is? How does it help Email Marketing? Dive in to learn

Like guerrilla warfare, guerrilla marketing offers low-cost strategies that involve an element of surprise.

Your business meets potential customers where they stand while producing leads and saving you money.

Guerilla marketing is all about marketing on the cheap, utilizing creative brains rather than cash brawns to recognize and reach your audience.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing is a set of marketing activities employed to launch a marketing campaign at a small amount of cost it normally would cost, with multiple times the effect of the cash spent on that.

In other words, guerilla marketing acts as an amplifying glass for the impact of a marketing campaign launch.

Roots of Warfare

At the point when we hear the term “guerrilla marketing,” its hard not to think of guerrilla warfare which makes sense since that is the place where this style of marketing got its name. In the warfare context, guerrilla strategies depend generally upon the component of surprise. Think “Ambushes, sabotage, raids,” as per to Creative Guerrilla Marketing.

But how does that convert into the work we do every day? In marketing, guerrilla strategies mostly play on the element of surprise. It decides to build highly unconventional campaigns that catch individuals unexpectedly in the course of their everyday schedules.

The term itself was built in the early 1980s by the late business writer Jay Conrad Levinson, who wrote numerous books about guerrilla strategies in various professional areas. Obviously, at that time, marketing, in general, looked very different and keeping in mind that guerrilla marketing is still utilized today, the ever-growing digital landscape is changing what it resembles.


What marketers really appreciate about guerrilla marketing is its genuinely low-cost nature. The genuine investment here is a creative, intellectual one its implementation, however, doesn’t need to be expensive. Michael Brenner sums up it pleasantly in his article on “guerrilla content,” where he outlines this style of marketing in a similar context as repurposing your existing content, such as taking particular segments of a report and extending each one into a blog post. It’s an investment of time, but not money.

In a way, guerrilla marketing works by repurposing your present audience environment. Evaluate it, and find out which segments of it can be repurposed to incorporate your brand.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email, not the hottest tool in the marketing shed, is an underrated, overachieving guerilla marketing tool that if you are not utilizing and immediate you are losing. Email is not dead!

As we already discussed how to magnificently your subscriber list, however, if you don’t remember, click-through, take a quick refresher and return for the sizzle to go with that steak.

Once you are ready and running, systems set up, building a brilliant and beautiful subscriber list, it’s an ideal opportunity to utilize it to your best advantage for fun and profit.

Importance of Guerilla Marketing Email Strategies

The basic idea behind email marketing is that you assemble a subscriber list and then nurture and develop the list by offering high-quality content.

Eventually, when you have developed trust, you can make convincing offers to your list (audience) to purchase your high-quality products and services.

Trusts require consistency, so set up a schedule of content production and publishing, and then stick to it.

High quality is important, so don’t try to do too much. Spreading themselves too thinly is exactly the kind of mistake email guerillas will want to avoid. Email guerilla marketing requires precise targeting and framing to maximize the reward for the lowest expenditure.

Tips for Guerilla Marketing Email Strategies

Here we have some Guerilla Marketing Email tips and tricks that can help in developing effective Email Marketing strategies for 2020:

  •         Utilize an email service provider so you can track your campaigns and, as you progress, access a wealth of other useful and significant information. It’s the expert approach to go!
  •         If you get a bounced email, utilize your best email guerilla marketing instincts and discover your man or woman through Twitter or LinkedIn and create towards an invitation to rejoin.
  •         Send personal emails to prospects, personalization is worth it
  •         Use 1 to 2 typefaces just because your email looks fresh and contemporary
  •         Include your logo in the upper left side of your email
  •         Learn to compose short, snappy, and descriptive subject lines
  •         Develop the body of your email short and easy to read
  •         Have a landing page for opting in that additionally includes your logo and social media buttons
  •         Send a test to a companion to ensure that everything makes sense


Guerrilla marketing offers a huge range of marketing methods other than email marketing too. But it primarily offers a cost-effective method for your business to enhance its exposure and boost earnings.

By making an effort towards a proactive marketing strategy, your business can generate customer leads and increase revenue.

Before you take your guerilla marketing project off the ground, be sure to do your homework well.

Once you’ve done that, map out your strategies considering your brand values and where you want your brand to be in the coming future.

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