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Top Tech Events Join Forces to Promote Start-ups & Innovation

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Three of the world’s premiere conferences focused on technology & entrepreneurship have announced agreements to work together to promote a Europe-wide network for startups, scaleups, investment and innovation globally.

Munich-based DLD, UK-based Founders Forum & Paris-based Viva Technology will cooperate on content, promotion and marketing, while retaining the unique character and communities that have made all three among the most important such gatherings in the world.

The partnership’s formal launch will take place next month, when both Founders Forum and VivaTech hold their flagship annual events (16th – 17th June for FF and 16th – 19th June for VivaTech), among the first major in-person meetings since the start of the global pandemic.

Steffi Czerny, Founder & Managing Director of DLD, declared: “We live in an age where collaboration is more important than competition – especially in an innovation hotbed like Europe. DLD has long promoted unique European innovation ecosystems which need more mutual connection and international awareness.
Joining forces with VivaTech and Founders Forum, two strong players with the same strategic outlook, for me, is a great step towards building new and stronger bridges across our continent.”

Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Founders Forum, declared: “We’re always excited when Europe works together to drive our tech ecosystem’s growth – we want to send a strong signal globally that this is the week for entrepreneurs to be in Europe, both this year and going forward.”

Maurice Lévy Co-Founder of VivaTech declared: “VivaTech since its inception plays a role of catalyst on Tech and startups generating lot of initiatives in Europe. There is still so much to do to make Europe home of startups, scale-ups and innovation that partnering with DLD and Founders Forum is almost a must. Working with Steffi and Brent will be a signal that yes, we cooperate in Europe and will make it home for innovators, scale-ups and tech entrepreneurs.

The combination will make Europe the place to be for speakers, investors, startups, exhibitors and visitors.”

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