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Touchstone launches Secure Content Testing Watermarking Solution

Touchstone Research has launched its proprietary visual and forensic watermarking solution for protecting client content in marketing research and consumer insights studies, Secure Content Testing (SCT).
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Secure Content Testing (SCT) works by applying a unique visual and forensic watermark to content being tested within an online market research study. The watermarks are non-removable and can be used to tie the content back to the research participant serving as a high-level deterrent to unauthorized sharing.

Secure Content Testing (SCT) works across smartphones, tablets, and computers and across a range of content including video, images, storyboards, animatics, concepts and documents.

“Now more than ever clients require the ability to conduct content research online, however, this must be done in a way that can give them peace of mind that their content will not be compromised or leaked. Our secure content testing technology solves this need by providing the highest level of content security in the MR industry through visual and forensic watermarking, allowing our clients to conduct content research safely with consumers across the globe,” says Aaron Burch, CEO at Touchstone Research. “We are extremely happy to be able to offer this new service for companies who are looking to take the additional step of protecting their content from piracy and leakage in their marketing research studies.”

Touchstone’s leverage their Secure Content Testing technology across a range of research studies for their Media & Entertainment, Technology and Youth and Family clients. Study types include TV show pilot tests, movie screenings, Ad tests, concept tests, streaming video tests, messaging tests, storyboard research, animatics research and more.

Touchstone Research is a full-service technology driven marketing research and consumer insights firm with expertise in the media & entertainment, technology and youth and family industries. Touchstone is known for their creative approaches to study designs, insightful in-depth analyses, leading-edge technical solutions and outstanding customer service and product delivery.

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