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True Influence® Provides Complimentary Offer

The company is providing complimentary use of InsightBase, providing users with access to verified intent data that helps generate powerful market intelligence and customer insights
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True Influence®, the technology leader of intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions, today announced complimentary access to its award-winning InsightBase® advanced marketing intelligence solution, providing users with the ability to identify meaningful intent signals that represent real opportunities to engage and connect with a target audience.

Today’s sales and marketing professionals recognize that intent has become the most critical information of the demand generation mix. As a result, True Influence is committed to providing intent data to B2B marketers at scale and wants to give them the opportunity to see the difference that accurate, high-quality intent data can make to an organization’s bottom line.

The offer includes a guided tour where users will be able to identify 10 topics of their choosing, set up campaigns for those 10 topics to see who is spiking, set up audiences, preview buying intent for the audience companies, save audiences and review reports. Users will receive weekly email alerts with intent data on the companies they specified.  This allows for the analysis of data and the data quality in an easy manner.

“We created a solution that provides data quality that is second to none and for the first time we are enabling our users to experience the difference that this quality level of intent data can make to a company’s bottom line,” said Brian Giese, CEO, True Influence. “Our data covers the entire world wide web, researching intent across millions of accounts and locations. Our competitors only cover their publications or co-op partners, limiting the amount and quality of intent data that users receive.”

True Influence’s intent data is more expansive than what’s available from data co-ops or single-source providers, providing a comprehensive base for the advanced intent analysis. Intent behavior is monitored by both executive and managerial customer personas to give a complete picture of organizational buying dynamics.

“It’s critical that B2B organizations are able to identify not just their target set of accounts, but whether those accounts are currently in market for the organization’s solutions,” said John Donlon, Senior Research Director of Technology Strategy at SiriusDecisions. “While traditional intent data brings this sort of visibility at the account level only, organizations that can gain additional intent insight at the buying group and contact level will have an enormous advantage over their competition by being able to focus their efforts on the specific audiences that are ready to buy today.”


True Influence’s InsightBase® 4.1 is a powerful integrated solution that allows users to monitor the results of demand generation campaigns across a diverse range of solutions to simplify campaign management and increase revenue. It enables B2B marketers and sales to identify what is working and what is not, so that the sales funnel can be optimized for maximum ROI.

InsightBase 4.1 looks for spikes in purchase research activity from individuals within buying groups or demand units who are actively researching a company’s product or solution. This intent signal data is then connected with verified contact information and firmographic data and organized around True Influence’s extensive library of 6,000+ topics that are essential to a specific product and its relevant markets.

InsightBase 4.1 supports leading sales and marketing platforms with CRM bi-directional integration, so data can be shared without manual intervention.

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