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TVSquared find PI TV Advertising Effective – German Market

Effective TV Advertising

TVSquared, the worldwide leader in linear and digital TV attribution, today released (PI) ‘performance insights‘ on German TV advertising campaigns. The analysis found that Tuesday, especially during midday, was the best for advertisers – generating 10% more TV-driven response than any other day of the week, at a cost-per-response (CPR) 10% below average.

Using its always-on ADvantage analytics platform, TVSquared evaluated 2019 response, cost and audience data from German TV advertisers across verticals, including travel, food delivery and retail. The analysis identified the highest and lowest performing TV buy elements, providing advertisers with crucial insights into TV ad performance and efficiency.

Days-of-Week: Spotlight on Tuesday & Sunday

  • Sunday provided 63% greater audience impressions vs. other days, but underperformed in terms of efficiency, with the highest CPR.
  • TV-driven response dropped to the week’s lowest level on Wednesday (-12%). The second lowest performer for response was Friday at -7%.
  • The most inexpensive inventory was Friday and Saturday – about half the cost and CPR of Tuesday and Sunday.

Dayparts: Performance Beyond “Primetime”

  • “Access” and “Early Peak” were the strongest performing dayparts, driving 34% of all responses. CPR for the dayparts was also 40% lower vs. “Primetime.”
  • “Daytime” was the most efficient daypart, with a CPR of -38%, while providing consistent response rates. This was especially the case for travel brands, which saw 54% above-average response with the daypart.

Program & Network Genres: Documentaries Show Strong Response

  • While “Documentary” buys came at a higher price point, they provided great returns, at 9% below-average CPR.
  • “Network Variety” was also effective at driving response, at 21% above average, although it came at a CPR 3.5x higher than any other genre.
  • “Drama,” “Animation” and “Reality” performed, at least, 70% below average for response.

Mark Hudson, TVSquared’s Head of Business Intelligence, who spearheaded the report, said:

“These insights are extremely valuable to advertisers as they develop media strategies that place TV as a primary driver of digital response. Understanding the optimal days, dayparts, networks, programs and genres that work best, ensures that TV can be used for performance and directly impact business outcomes, including upper- and lower-funnel metrics. When used to its full potential, TV is a highly effective and efficient tool for supporting growth, maximizing brand awareness and boosting conversion ratios.”

About TVSquared
TVSquared is the worldwide leader in linear and digital TV attribution. Its ADvantage platform generates real-time performance insights to measure and optimize TV campaigns and tie performance to business outcomes – whether it’s linear, OTT, VOD or more. TVSquared works with thousands of advertisers in more than 70 countries. Learn more at

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