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Ushur Announces Strategic Partnership With Virtusa

Ushur's AI-driven platform and Virtusa's digital engineering experts team up to enable elevated digital experiences and revolutionize customer interactions.

Ushur, the leader in secure and AI-powered Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA), announces today a strategic partnership with Virtusa to expand the capabilities of its automated experience platform. Virtusa takes innovation initiatives and pioneering approaches to help insurance companies transform their business models. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and helping create solutions from concept to deployment, Virtusa dramatically increases the success of digital transformation projects to help insurers become more competitive, agile, and successful in today’s market. This strategic partnership of Ushur’s automation platform and Virtusa’s transformation services will pave the way for insurers to enhance and automate the customer experience across property and casualty, life and annuity, and group insurance.

VP of Partnerships at Ushur, Bruce Holbert, said, “Ushur partnerships are key to exposing our clients to technology and services ecosystems that can dramatically improve their customer experiences, and this Virtusa partnership is a key example of that. Virtusa clients will find a capable partner to take their digital customer experiences to the next level. Our insurance clients will get the necessary automation technology to revolutionize their engagement with customers, employees, and partners.

“Adding Ushur’s platform to our digital transformation ecosystem enables our clients to radically elevate their digital experiences and allows us to move at scale with a higher velocity to deliver speed at value for our customers ultimately,” said Sunny Bathla, Senior Vice President and Consumer and Insurance Business Unit Head at Virtusa. “We are thrilled that the collaboration between Virtusa and Ushur will add automation and AI to the customer experiences. Combining our decades of experience in customer service and technology services, we are poised to revolutionize how businesses interact with customers. Virtusa and Ushur believe that effective customer experience design is best achieved by collaborating with our clients from the ground up. Together, we’ll help carriers drive value in imaginative ways for sales and distribution, operations, claims, and underwriting”.

Virtusa and Ushur will use this strategic partnership to bring unprecedented automation, efficiency, and security to organizations worldwide. Through this collaboration, Virtusa and Ushur are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver the most advanced customer experience platform today. For more information on the Ushur and Virtusa partnership, visit us here.

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