Veeva CRM Now Integrated with Crossix DIFA Marketing Analytics

Brands will now have complete insight into field and marketing activity to better assess and optimize impact across channels
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Veeva today announced Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA, which will bring Veeva CRM field activity data into the Crossix DIFA marketing analytics platform starting in Q3 2020. The new offering is free to Crossix DIFA customers with Veeva CRM, giving brands full visibility into customer engagement across channels so they can better assess impact and optimize their efforts across sales and marketing.

Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA allows companies to align personal and non-personal promotions and better understand how they are working together. For example, brands can see the impact of media campaigns on healthcare professionals (HCPs) recently detailed or sampled by the field.

Brands can also link HCP engagement to direct-to-consumer campaigns for a comprehensive view of how sales and marketing influence patient behavior. With this new view, marketers can optimize consumer campaigns to drive patients to field-engaged HCPs.

“In combining with Veeva, we knew we had the potential to change the way life sciences customers plan, execute, and measure their commercial strategies by bringing together sales and marketing,” said Asaf Evenhaim, CEO of Crossix, a Veeva company. “This is the first step in realizing that vision as we give brands a view across campaigns and channels they’ve never had before.”

Crossix DIFA leverages the Crossix Data Platform to link consumer and HCP marketing investments to patient behavior and health outcomes. The Crossix Data Platform is a world-class technology platform built for the development and delivery of large-scale patient data and analytics. The Crossix Platform uses distributed technology and data science to collect, connect, and distribute daily data from disparate sources with privacy, accuracy and agility.

Learn more about Veeva CRM Boost for DIFA at Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit on June 9-10, 2020. Register for the online event and stay up-to-date on program details at

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