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Versium launches Google Sheets Extension

Versium for Sheets™ integrates robust APIs directly into spreadsheets where customer data lives

Versium, a leading data technology company, today released Versium for Sheets™, a new Google Sheets Extension that seamlessly integrates powerful data enrichment, cleansing and modeling tools within Sheets workflows to transform marketing data.

With this new extension, marketers can now leverage Versium’s robust data APIs as formulas within their spreadsheets where customer data resides to improve campaign performance. By enabling API queries to be applied directly in Google Sheets, Versium empowers marketers to easily enhance their marketing data without leaving their Workspace.

“We believe that empowering marketers with advanced tools should not be limited by technical barriers,” said Kevin Marcus, CTO and co-founder of Versium. “Versium for Sheets™ marks the first integration for our suite of tools in a non-technical application. By expanding our offering, we are making our services more accessible with easy-to-use formulas and even more options for enrichment and data hygiene.”

Versium’s suite of data tools enhances data quality, simplifies data enrichment and cleansing and provides over 200 data attributes for deeper audience insights. Versium APIs available through the Sheets integration include Data Prep, which leverages Versium’s AI backend for name classification and parsing, location identification, list cleansing and standardization; and robust append functions such as contact, demographic, firmographic, consumer-to-business, IP to domain and hashed email to business domain. To get the Versium for Sheets™ extension, visit here.

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