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Vidyard Releases Free and Pro Offerings of its Business-Grade Video Hosting Service

Helps All Companies Easily Create, Customize and Share Videos, Vidyard, available now as free and pro versions, allows any business to create, host and share videos across digital channels without the drawbacks of consumer-oriented video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo.

Vidyard, the leading video platform for business, is taking another step toward making business-grade video content creation, hosting and management accessible to any organization with the launch of free and pro offerings. Available now, professionals and businesses can immediately access an online video hosting service that is free of ads, free of storage and bandwidth restrictions, and includes integrated tools for video creation and sharing.

Vidyard’s free offering can be used by anyone looking for an easy way to create and/or share videos. Designed for businesses first, Vidyard helps professionals make use of video to engage audiences on their website, social media channels, email marketing, in one-to-one customer communications, and even for internal communications.

Video content creation in business is on the rise, and there is a clear need for accessible video management tools that are designed for the needs of today’s business. According to the 2019 Video in Business Benchmark Report, smaller companies are now accelerating video content creation. Businesses with 31-200 employees using the Vidyard platform published a staggering 510 new videos on average in 2018 across their marketing and sales teams. Video analytics has also seen an increase in adoption with 85% of companies using some form of video analytics and the use of intermediate or advanced analytics increasing by 19% year-over-year.

“Video is the most effective way to educate buyers and engage customers, and as a result, we’re seeing the use of video skyrocket across marketing, sales, and internal communications. There should be no barrier to entry when it comes to businesses of any size creating, hosting, and sharing amazing video content and personalized video messages,” says Michael Litt, CEO, and co-founder of Vidyard. “With today’s release, we’re making it easy and free for any business to create and share videos without the drawbacks of consumer-oriented hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo.”

Vidyard—the fastest way to get started with video

Vidyard’s free offering is the fastest way for businesses of any size to get started with video content. In addition to offering free video hosting and publishing, Vidyard’s zero-cost solution includes integrated tools for video content creation and sharing:

  • Vidyard is fast: One-click uploading and video creation mean no fussing with multiple tools, no hassle embedding videos for quick sharing of global content, and a delivery network for smooth playback.
  • Vidyard is built for any business: Easily add videos to your company website or outreach emails, control your viewer’s experience with an ad-free, engaging video player, and keep your customers on your website, not a social network.
  • Future-proof your video strategy: With Vidyard’s scalable video management offerings, businesses can start for free then add additional capabilities as their needs expand. Vidyard’s premium offerings include enterprise-grade video content management, security controls, interactive video, personalized video, integration with leading marketing automation and CRM tools, and more.

Sign up for Vidyard’s free tool by October 25 and be eligible to win an all-inclusive Video Prize Pack, including a Sony a6400 camera, lens, lighting, and more, a comprehensive Video Strategy Guide, and a one-on-one Video strategy consulting session with Vidyard’s own VP of Marketing. No purchase necessary.

With Vidyard’s scalable video management offerings, businesses can choose whichever service best suits their needs and functionality, then easily scale up as they need more. To learn more about Vidyard’s offerings, please visit

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