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Vydeo Launches Realtime Live Streaming Platform

Patent-pending live streaming CDN for sub-second delivery to any user
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Vydeo Inc, a seed-funded, silicon valley startup launched its realtime live streaming platform with notable customers such as Talpa Media in Netherlands and Barry Switzer’s Coaches Cabana in the US, to live stream multi-directional live video streams at less than 1 second latency.

The quest for lowering the live video latency has resulted in innovations like CMAF (HLS and DASH), but the playlist-based nature of HLS provides quite a few obstacles to overcome latency. Chunked transfer encoding is useful to a certain extent in delivering the HTTP URLs ahead of time, but, not all HTTP proxies (web routers) on the Internet may support this encoding, in addition to network congestion with high traffic. Realtime streaming (under 1 second) requires a fundamental rethink of live video protocols, from ‘HLS-like pull’ to ‘multicast-like push’, to overcome delays in dynamic transcoding, traversing the web proxies and last mile network traffic.

Vydeo invented a binary tunneling protocol over HTTPS that is as close to multicast as possible on the internet. Key inventions in the protocol eliminate chunking, sequencing and multi-container transcoding in the network, while pushing out frame sync’ing to the mobile and browser clients to make live video flow like water on the Internet.

“The Vydeo platform brought super fast, live, ‘Facetime’ delivery integrated with sponsor messages for our new reality TV show, House of Talent,” said Sjoerd Demaret, VP of Connect Content at Talpa Media. Talpa is the producer of hit reality TV shows such as ‘The Voice’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Lucky13’ and others.

“We were always one or two plays behind the game before we deployed the Vydeo platform. Now, we are in real time as the game unfolds,” said Barry Switzer, championship-winning NFL coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and owner of second screen college football games company, Coaches Cabana.

“What excites me about Vydeo is the breadth of next-generation live streaming use cases this technology can power. Solving low latency is a walk in the park for this team with their engineering expertise, but, enabling new markets like in-game betting, in-stream video chat, Townhalls, live gaming apps etc., takes this technology to a whole new world, literally uncontested,” said Ed Goren, Board Member, and former Vice-Chairman of Fox Sports Media Group.

Vydeo is working with AWS and Microsoft Azure teams to deploy its live CDN in these cloud provider marketplaces. “After geeking out with my team to build the Vydeo platform for 3+ years, I am happy to work with customers to solve latency as well as opening up new markets. We built our live CDN to align with any cloud provider billing, with the goal to not only reduce latency, but also live streaming costs with our virtual machine based dynamic scaling product,” said Srini Dharmaji, serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Vydeo, and the inventor of 18+ patents on video, operating systems, advertising and broadcasting.

Vydeo is working with many customers in social networking, sports betting, celebrity, live sports and TV markets to enable their low-latency, live streaming use cases. For more information, please visit

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