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Avius Signs Deal with Iconic US Department Store Chain

Avius customer feedback will help drive retail sales this Christmas
Avius Signs Deal with Iconic US Department Store Chain

London, 19th November, 2018: Avius  a UK tech company that provides insights to improve customer satisfaction, today announced the launch of its customer experience feedback solution with one of the USA’s most iconic premium department store chains.

Avius has installed its survey kiosks in the store’s changing rooms to collect unique customer insights that are used to improve overall customer experience. Such tech has already enabled Avius’ clients across the world to improve customer satisfaction levels on average by 9%.

Avius’ interactive survey kiosks enable shoppers to leave feedback whilst in the store, based on their overall experience, cleanliness, speed of service and product availability. The retailer can then use these insights to improve the in-store experience. 19 kiosks will be deployed across a number of stores, which are expected to generate over 50,000 pieces of feedback per year.

Research has found that responding quickly to an inquiry has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. The US department store chain will now benefit from real time feedback from Avius Surveys. The feedback will be communicated immediately to employees, enabling issues to be resolved before the customer has even left the store, improving the customer experience and helping to increase sales over the Christmas period and beyond.

“Christmas is fast approaching – worth around £50bn to UK retailers alone. Yet businesses continue to lose millions due to poor customer satisfaction,” said Ben Story, CEO at Avius. “It’s great to see this major US department store acting to create a powerful, real-time feedback loop to help improve their already wonderful customer experience.”

Immediate response matters
Customer satisfaction is crucial for all retail stores, especially with the growing trend for consumers taking their spending online. High customer satisfaction levels are intrinsically linked to stronger levels of loyalty, recommendation, trust and reputation and subsequently revenue. “We see many of our customers investing in enhanced in-store technology to improve the customer journey – it really is the way forward,” explained Story.

Avius provides survey and customer experience management solutions enabling consumer-facing businesses to be on the pulse of customer feedback. From the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, to The Shard in London – Avius powers the consumer insights that enable companies large and small to make data driven decisions and improve customer satisfaction. Aligned with today’s omni-channel landscape, Avius offers the technology to collect customer feedback online, via apps as well as its popular on-site kiosks.

6 ways to improve your customer satisfaction performance this Christmas:

  1. Ensure customer satisfaction is integrated into business strategy throughout your company, entry to board level
  2. Listen to your customers and act on their feedback
  3. Set and monitor KPIs to spot areas of excellence or those in need of improvement
  4. Manage expectations and keep your promises to your customers
  5. Drive employee engagement; happy employees provide better customer service
  6. Ensure all employees are well equipped to provide customers with knowledge and expertise

About Avius:
10 The number of years Avius has been at the forefront of developing customer feedback technology
27 The number of countries where businesses use Avius solutions
32 The number of languages that can be utilised by customers for completing Avius surveys – all of which are automatically translated back to English for the client to analyse results
11,000,000 The number of responses from customers worldwide using Avius surveys during 2018.

Source: Avius

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