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WalletConnect Pioneers Decentralization, Introduces UX-Centric Suite

AppKit and WalletKit's latest features signify innovation strides in WalletConnect's product and decentralization ambitions.

WalletConnect – the leading web3 UX platform – today announced an enhancement of its product suite with streamlined offerings and improved user experiences, along with plans to fully decentralize the protocol. On a mission to build the UX platform of choice for the “new internet,” WalletConnect’s product and decentralization roadmaps champion greater community participation and user ownership in the blockchain ecosystem, with more to be revealed this September in Singapore.

The relaunch will introduce ‘AppKit’ and ‘WalletKit,’ catering to developers and users in the web3 space. The revitalized product suite and feature-focused framework directly address the increasing demand for modular, multi-chain solutions among developers. This strategic move aims to enhance user experience and drive adoption rates forward.

“The future of ownership is digital, but in its current iteration, much of web3 is unusable,” said WalletConnect’s newly-appointed CEO, Jess Houlgrave. “We are committed to providing users with seamless and secure interactions that empower developers to build innovative, user-friendly applications, which by proxy, create engaging and approachable experiences in web3. To do that, WalletConnect must build the missing piece: a UX platform.”

AppKit and WalletKit, designed respectively for apps and wallets, offer core features with customizable layered APIs. As a result, users have greater control over their data and assets across applications, wallets, and websites, and developers can freely recompose existing apps into more advanced experiences.

This relaunch also introduces key new features and technologies, including Swaps and Universal Wallets with Smart Account technology, enhanced social login, and WalletConnect-powered Web3 Usernames for AppKit, and One-Click Authentication for WalletKit. Partnering with key industry players like 1inch, Safe, ENS, Coinbase, and Magic to bring this new product suite to market, this new direction presents significant support for the continuous advancements for Smart Accounts, Session Keys, and Multi-Chain efforts.

This announcement is the latest in a series of strategic organizational changes, including Houlgrave’s appointment to CEO, to propel the company forward during a year of anticipated growth and evolution. Most recently, this includes expanding its leadership structure to elevate the brand and drive product-led growth with the addition of Chief Marketing Officer, Steven Dolcemaschio, joining from Ledger, and Head of Product, Joe Hoffend, joining from Foundry. These changes alongside the expansion of new product and feature offerings underscore the company’s confidence in sustaining and scaling industry-leading web3 solutions and decentralization efforts.

“The decentralization of the WalletConnect protocol and the introduction of the new product suite mark significant milestones in WalletConnect’s journey to revolutionize how users connect and engage in the digital economy,” said Houlgrave.

Despite a turbulent year for the industry in 2023, WalletConnect has seen continued growth and adoption across its product suite, with a notable surge in demand in line with the industry’s sentiment shift this year. In 2024 alone, WalletConnect has seen an increase of more than 300% in the number of projects using its flagship product offering for applications, while its wallet-focused solution has steadily become an essential piece of the crypto wallet puzzle, powering an average of more than 10 million monthly web3 connections across 600+ wallets.

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