What Tool Inside launches next-generation QVC

The new multiplatform video shopping experience for all screens.
Tool Inside

What Tool Inside, a platform of short point-of-view videos that help inform potential buyers about the details of a product before they purchase it, has partnered up with Streann Media to launch a multiplatform video e-commerce experience for the upcoming retail revolution.

The WTI alliance with Streann Media will ensure a shopping experience with high compatibility between multiple devices. When deciding before a purchase, users continually swap from device to device, watching video content about the product in different formats. Streann’s features optimize the shopping experience for the users, from the living room in a large TV set to the couch on an iPad, and on-the-go on their mobile phones.

“Nine out of ten shoppers watch video reviews to make a decision before buying a product. WTI makes the buying journey seamless, quicker, and insightful, where users can explore, evaluate, get inspired, and buy the products instantly without any break in the experience. We are thrilled to be part of the future of retail,” said Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann Media.

WTI aims to broaden its audience reach by expanding its user-generated content to iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV, AndroidTV, and Smart TVs.

Mathew Burns, CEO of WTI, commented: “We are very excited to enhance our content distribution from YouTube and Amazon to all platforms, and our partnership with Streann will make it possible for the average viewers to enjoy this content everywhere. This avenue will also make our videos available to many other retailers to help present products in a modern way. We look forward to our upcoming launch and the future of shopping. ”

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