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Why Prismic will be the next ice-breaker CMS

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Content is king and shal rightfully remain one! So, it is only fair that the content is given the highest priority and managed with the utmost efficiency. This is the current marketing world can mean turning to a Content Management System and having it build the relationship between your content and marketing. CMSs’ are a rage right now, because digital content and its consumption are on a high rise, and with that, content placement and publishing needs have witnessed a thorough thrust.

But what exactly is a CMS?
A software/platform that enables users to develop a website for content placement, but without having to code for it is known as a Content Management System aka CMS. This software assists users in creating, building, storing, modifying, and managing content all in a single architecture.

What are the problems with regular CMS?
But with regular CMS, website building and content infrastructure in a no-code environment can mean rigidity. As these platforms are designed to allow users to create web pages with necessary functions without the need of a code, they come with pre-built templates having little to no scope of customization.

Why “Headless” might be the next mindful?
Headless content management systems are a bit different from traditional content management systems. The backend and the frontend of your website operate totally separately. You write content in the backend where it is safely stored. The frontend of your application fetches content from the backend using an API and displays it to your customers and readers.
Dissociating those two key parts of your content management system provides many advantages. It is more secure, it scales much better and it gives you a ton of flexibility when it comes to frontend framework and hosting.

These platforms are expensive, time consuming, and offer limited templating languages for an integrated framework.

But what if we tell you that we have found just the right solution for you! A CMS that can sway away all your content marketing bottlenecks with its breezy performance!

Drumrolls for Prismic please!

A headless CMS at its foundation, Prismic is a platform that empowers users with fully customizable website building, unlike web template tools. Prismic recently raised $20M in Series A to break the web into “Slices”.

Prismic makes customization possible in its headless CMS with the help of slices, that are customizable sections that can be mixed and matched for creating and developing branded and unique templated pages on an on-going basis.

“We experienced increased demand the past year from companies and individuals using Prismic to customize sections or “slices ” of their websites. We are leaning into the trend to accelerate our growth and help companies reduce reliance on developers by making Prismic the standard way companies are building websites.” , says Sadek Drobi, Founder and CEO of Prismic.

He further adds that 2020 was an unusual year for obvious reasons and that it has changed the way organizations go about their businesses and reach out to their clients. Retail is an excellent example of where Prismic saw over one third of its customer base increase the creation of their content. As more businesses realized that it is a necessity for them to have a robust e-commerce offering in order to survive this pandemic, they uncovered that they needed to go beyond their Product and create a fully digital brand experience with lots of storytelling

Prismic’s features such as –

  • Connectivity to existing catalog
  • Dynamic layouts with custom components
  • Localization of content with multi-language
  • Complete revision history
  • Managing content releases with previews and schedules
  • Custom type builder

Are leading the way for an elevated CMS standard.

It is now time to transform the way businesses build websites and manage their content, and a headless CMS backend that decomplexifies the processes is the way to go!

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Tanvi Tirthani
Content Contributor, MarTech Cube
Tanvi Tirthani is a content writer and strategist with a special foray into technology. She has been a keen researcher in the tech domain and is responsible for strategizing the social media scripts to optimize the collateral creation process.

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