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Why You should Integrate Video Marketing Into Content Strategy

Video Marketing has become integral to any marketing strategy. As the content strategy is not limited to blogs and articles anymore, videos are hailed as the future of content. But what’s driving this trend?
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Lengthy texts and blogs are failing to get consumer’s attention. Dwindling attention spans have forced marketers to change their ways to hook you to their brands. The visual engagement has increased through short videos or as they may say “reels”. We have seen people like short videos better. But what’s driving this trend?

In recent years, Video has become integral to any marketing strategy. It is a requisite to convey the most in a short span of time. Research shows that 50% of customers preferred videos from brands rather than general content.

Modern Marketing uses video-centric content strategies to create valuable pieces of knowledge. Let us know how it impacts the marketing dynamics:

Video Marketing Matters

Video marketing is indispensable for modern-day businesses. Videos are the best way to connect emotionally with your customers.

The audience looks out for brand videos with new concepts. These are few reasons to invest in video-marketing:

  • Video marketing impacts SEO strategy by improving brand’s click-through rate 
  • Video content gets you an increase in conversion rates with good reach and engagement
  • A great camera set up is no longer a prerequisite. Smartphones are everywhere and so is the video shooting possibility!
  • Social advertising matters to brands for tapping into new customers. It is crucial to tailor them for each social platform as they are paid placements
  • Influencers create brand eligible video content to raise awareness. Collaborating with influencers shapes the video marketing strategy

Video marketing & marketing channels

Creating video content won’t give you the expected results if you don’t choose the right platform. Businesses choose to have in-house and third party channels to host their content. When an automotive product with new features intrigues customers, they constantly see and engage with appealing video adverts. The bombarding advertisements will increase the brand’s engagement on various platforms.

Nowadays, video marketing is not limited to traditional television channels. It has expanded into a larger landscape targeting a wider audience. Mobile advertising comes to the brand’s rescue. Social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook and so on can enhance the reach of your brand. Surveys and interviews are a route to understand customer preferences. These numbers point towards the untapped audience and increase market reach. Marketing analytics help you draw a roadmap to design the market expectations with the expected innovations. Marketing channels are the roads for the brands to reach the right audience.

Best video marketing softwares in town

Bringing your brand in the limelight might be a tough job. But with the right software this is done in a jiffy. For the brand to reach the right audience, these are the  softwares to guide your business in a new direction:


It is one of the biggest and established marketing automation companies. It offers the required tools to make marketing campaigns easier. With Marketo’s automation, you create immersive experiences that your customers can’t get enough of.


The software is cloud-based and assists in customer retention and acquisition. This is made possible through social media reach and other channels. The software offers tools for brands with complete packages to integrate their marketing strategies and achieve the sales targets.


It offers a powerful inbound marketing solution which differentiates from traditional channels. The software has developed a host of apps with analytics to measure the campaign reach.


Content strategies should be up-to-date and planned with consideration for future prospects. As products and services evolve, the user experience needs a touch of visual taste to it. 

After all that is said and done, video marketing can help big time with brand awareness. Moreover, it increases the reach of your product/service. Virtual presence with perceptible assistance is the key for customer engagement. It raises stakes in the market as a differentiator and a competitor.

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