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Yappa World Announces Comment Tool Integrations with American Media

Yappa World, a company on a mission to create more humanistic and elevated online engagement announce that American Media has installed the Yappa tool
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Yappa World Inc, a company on a mission to create more humanistic and elevated online engagement is proud to announce that American Media, LLC, the leading publisher of celebrity and entertainment journalism in the United States, has installed the Yappa tool onto two of their celebrity news websites, Star Magazine Online and Life & Style Online.

Yappa is the first tool to revolutionize comments on websites by enabling users to leave “yaps,” expressive audio and video comments, rather than boring text comments. Since users are required to use their own voice and image, Yappa also helps publishers in cleaning up the hate spam often left on comments by trolls who hide behind fake avatars and text.

Dylan Howard, SVP, Corporate Development at American Media, Inc. said “We are always looking for ways to further enhance the experience for our passionate readership. The addition of Yappa’s tool will help eliminate anonymous hate speech and trolls, making it safer, and more engaging and enjoyable experience, for our readers to leave comments.”

Yappa automatically transcribes yaps through its patented technology and can deliver key analytics to publishers. Users can also be flagged for alleged bullying, profanity, pornography, and hate speech by admins and other users.

Jennifer Dyer, CEO, Yappa World Inc. said “As the problem with anonymous hate speech continues to grow online, we could not be more excited to partner with American Media, an enormous powerhouse in entertainment publishing, to offer a solution that brings fun and humanistic engagement to their avid and loyal readership. It’s a giant step in the direction of a safer and more civilized internet.”

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