ZAFUL Shared Visionary Strategies in Dubai Cross-border E-commerce Conference

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Early last week, ZAFUL, as one of the invited guest speaker, attended the Chinese e-commerce forum in China Homelife Products Fairs in World Trade Center, Dubai, sharing ZAFUL’s e-commerce cases and market opportunities in US and European markets. By introducing ZAFUL to the audiences in Dubai, ZAFUL is exploring its fashion opportunities in Middle East and its global supplier networks.

As one of the largest China Trade Show network in the world with exhibitions in 13 countries, the fair attracted over 2,000 Chinese companies and over 100,000 exhibits globally including architecture materials, hardware, household supplies, apparels, electronics and etc.

Targeting and retargeting

On Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Conference, companies from e-commerce brands, payment platforms, supply chains and logistics gathered to give keynote speeches and exchange e-commerce insight with local traders. ZAFUL Brand Director Lilac Luo, introduced the e-commerce trend in the next 5-10 years and shared ZAFUL’s strategies in dealing with old issues with new patterns.

This October, ZAFUL entered universities in LA as the first attempt to get in touch with student consumers offline. By targeting and retargeting, ZAFUL is getting closer to its targeted audience, making the campaign more efficient and effective. “In the following years, ZAFUL will carry out more offline campaign for local audiences to make ZAFUL accessible in daily life.” Lilac said.

“Now ZAFUL invests most of its resources on social media cause it is and will still be the most crucial channel to reach the audience, from advertising, branding to interaction, conversation, sales and after sales. We have built strategic partnership with Facebook this year to boost our e-commerce business from front end to back end.”

“Making every cooperation transparent and measurable”

Influence Marketing has been trending in fashion business for years and now the strategies towards influencers can be really different compared to 5 years ago. “We will go further by adopting third-party technologies and self-developed system to manage the whole influencer pool and evaluate the performance of each influencer, making every cooperation transparent and measurable.” Lilac said.

Technology R&D is key not only in e-commerce business but also in communication methods.  Now ZAFUL are leveraging its strength in technology, making full use of AI and intelligent management and system development in customer service, warehousing, supply chains as well as marketing.

One of the speech guests Woody Wu, Sales Director of Miorient, shared his analysis during the conference about the potential in Middle East market. He indicated that there are 30 million online shoppers in MENA and 70% ME consumers made their first online purchase in the last 3 years, which shows that how fast the market grows in ME.

For ZAFUL, Middle East now is becoming a potential market and the challenges will be the local adaption especially in Muslim culture context. As ZAFUL expands, localization and branding will consistently be underlined.

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