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Zembles: First-of-its-Kind “ProspectTech” Lead-Gen Platform

Revolutionizing the way B2B sales teams identify leads, Zembles deploys machine learning and robust data to find prospects that "re-zemble" already successful clients,A solution for conventional search leads - via job description and contact info - which create sales dead-ends
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Today, Zembles announced the launch of its radically new approach to identifying high-value, active leads through its Prospect Technology “ProspectTech” platform that uses artificial intelligence and spending data to identify financially healthy companies that have the ability to buy services goods in a struggling economy. Zembles analyzes real-time B2B purchasing data of companies in virtually any industry, acting as a “clone finder” to uncover new prospects that have similar characteristics to a sales team’s best existing customers.

Finding sales prospects through manual database research provides no insight into their health or readiness-to-buy. The well-known lead-gen platforms simply automate that same broken process, providing one-dimensional contact information. Only Zembles’ ProspectTech can provide three-dimensions of insight and analyze a company’s credit scores, 12-month spending, capital raises, news converge and more, to point sales teams in the right direction.

Zembles obtains its historic and real-time data from proprietary sources that track $1.6 trillion in annual B2B purchase behavior across 100 industries from over 1 million companies around the United States. Users can search for their best customers and easily match with prospects in one easy-to-use interface. This platform goes beyond any other in its field as no traditional search company offers these capabilities.

“Re’Zembles” search provides matching based on criteria that can include materials and/or equipment spend, shipping costs, high-growth areas and industry category. Over time, searches become more accurate, similar to machine learning used on popular streaming apps.

“Traditional lead-gen tools create millions of sales dead-ends,” said Jim Swift, founder of Zembles. “In the same way Netflix and Spotify analyze data signals to understand consumer entertainment preferences, Zembles finds prospects that bear uncanny resemblance to a company’s best customers. This never-before available ProspectTech tool invents an entirely new research process, giving sales teams the ability to focus on contacting customers and closing deals. Zembles enables sales teams to find companies they didn’t know existed and make them their best customers yet. With Zembles’ data, companies can immediately and accurately identify their target prospects, making more informed and profitable decisions when it comes to business partnerships.”

In addition to accessing searches on the platform, Zembles enables all relevant topics on searches to be easily exported into a PDF for use by sales teams. Zembles is now fully available for sales team use, customers can start their free trial at

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