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4 Wheel Parts Debuts New Latinx & Millennial Advertising Campaign

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4 Wheel Parts (4WP), the largest retailer of four-wheel drive and off-roading products globally, is proud to partner with Heavy D and Diesel Dave from the Discovery Channel show, Diesel Brothers, on 4WP’s first Instagram Latinx and millennial marketing campaign. In collaboration with Ten35, the campaign is now featured on 4WP’s Facebook and Instagram and displays 4WP’s commitment to helping their customers find the right products to customize their trucks.

“As we were building our 2021 strategic marketing plan and customer segmentation trends, we took a look at our portfolio and felt that an ad campaign focusing on the Latinx community fundamentally fit with our brand,” Rafael Bracero, Marketing Manager at 4WP said. “The Diesel Brothers were the perfect choice to feature with the audience, as well as our brand to showcase the off-road market and we’re thrilled with how it turned out.”

The campaign, which debuted on January 6, 2021, is featured on 4WP Facebook and Instagram, with a mix of organic and paid social content, utilizing funny GIFs, 15-second videos and extended 30-second videos. Joining the two iconic influencers in the off-road market is Angelito, a miniature angel who helps 4WP’s customers find what they need to create their dream truck with the latest and trendiest products available in-store. Customers choose 4WP because of the variety of products and brands that suit their unique preferences, and with trends coming and going, it can be overwhelming to shop for the newest products that match their styles. With guidance from Angelito and 4WP’s knowledgeable employees, Latinx and millennial customers can feel confident shopping at 4WP’s 95 stores nationwide and 4WP.com.

“Wanting to start the year off strong, we knew that our company had to take a step back and really examine ourselves and our customers,” said Tommy Hillman, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement & Growth at Polaris. “Looking at the data, we found that our Latinx and millennial consumers were underrepresented, and we immediately went to work to fix this issue. By teaming up with Ten35, we successfully put out a campaign that accurately represents our mission of keeping our audience a priority.”

“Any creative agency can pull together a cool a2d campaign and dub it,” Shelly Dominguez-Lieder, VP and Group Account Director at Ten35 said. “We took the desire for originality and customization that are in the foundation of car culture and displayed 4WP’s variety of selections with a mix of organic and paid social, utilizing static ads and 15-second videos. In order to show the Latinx and millennial customers that we are listening to them, we created the ads centered around customizing and adding to their vehicles, rather than just hitting the mountains or dunes.”

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