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Acquia Announces Major Update to Open Digital Experience Platform

New offerings increase velocity of development and improve data-driven intelligence for marketers
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Digital experience company Acquia today announced major updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) at Acquia Engage. The Acquia Open DXP is powered by Acquia Marketing Cloud and Acquia Drupal Cloud, a unified solution for multi-experience customer journeys across all modes of customer interaction. New enhancements will empower developers to innovate their digital experiences faster and help marketers make smarter, data-driven decisions across campaigns.

“Many developers and marketers today face the dual challenges of changing remote or hybrid work setups and increased pressure to execute rapid digital transformation efforts,” said Dries Buytaert, chief technology officer at Acquia and creator of Drupal. “Acquia Open DXP is designed to help them meet these challenges by getting value out of Drupal 9 deployments at lightning speed, and leveraging industry-leading machine learning advancements with minimal resources.”

Marci Maddox, research director for enterprise content strategies at IDC, commented: “This year, the pandemic accelerated digital transformation efforts across companies of all sizes. Many of these companies need to respond faster than they ever have before to unpredictable customer scenarios. Acquia’s enhancements to its Open DXP center on giving marketers clarity through the use of data and predictive modeling, and helping developers react quickly to the business’ dynamic needs. Even post-COVID, this offering responds to increased market demand for turn-on-a-dime digital transformation.”

Drupal Cloud Enhancements Accelerate Time-to-Market

For developers, the latest enhancements to Drupal Cloud focus on decreasing the time to build, design, and run sites and applications. Following the successful launch of Drupal 9 in June, the new Acquia Migrate Accelerate tool significantly reduces the effort tied to a transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. Currently in beta, the tool reduces time to value for Drupal 9 by providing a user-friendly interface to streamline analysis and planning, DevOps, data imports, and content auditing for migrations.

Once organizations are migrated, the new Acquia Cloud IDE makes it faster than ever to build Drupal sites and applications, with one-click access to a cloud-hosted development and testing environment. Acquia Cloud IDE integrates with existing Acquia command-line and automated build tools for Drupal, making it faster and easier for developers to build and test their code – even in remote or hybrid work setups.

Finally, Acquia CMS, currently in beta, provides a trusted, secure, and turnkey distribution of Drupal 9. This increases time to value from months to days for best-practice implementations, and eliminates up to 80% of setup and update costs. Also in the Drupal Cloud family, Site Studio helps marketers reduce their time-to-publish with drag-and-drop experience creation and visual assembly of content, layout, and designs.

SoCalGas® is the largest natural gas distribution utility in the US, delivering affordable, reliable, clean, and increasingly renewable natural gas service to nearly 22 million customers across 24,000 square miles of Central and Southern California. Customer experience has long been a focus for the company, so prioritizing digital is in line with the company’s vision. “It is critical for SoCalGas’ website to be up and running, accessible to our customers, while also helping us meet compliance requirements,” said Ann Ayres, director – customer strategy & engagement at SoCalGas. “Our internal team’s goal was to streamline the content publishing process by making it more collaborative and decentralized, while maintaining a cohesive brand experience. We have revamped our digital experience by migrating to Drupal Cloud.”

Unified Data and Predictive Capabilities for Marketing Cloud Drive Smarter Decisions

Major updates to Acquia Marketing Cloud give marketers the data and analytics they need to drive smarter decisions. New, real-time 360-degree profiles, identity resolution, and unified segment capabilities within the Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) help marketers gain holistic insights into their customers. These capabilities aggregate data from various sources, eliminate redundancy, and unify data into a single source of the truth for real-time customer segmentation. As a result, marketers get deeper insights into customer behavior across channels and modes of interaction, driving real-time, personal experiences and increasing customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value (LTV).

A COVID-19 dashboard helps marketers understand their customers’ shifts from offline to online channels, as well as changes in channel preferences throughout the pandemic. The dashboard also helps marketers identify changes in product preferences, as well as opportunities for growth in their marketing campaigns.

Finally, new predictive delivery and custom likelihood models for Acquia CDP help marketers unlock machine learning capabilities out of the box, with no need for specialized training or expertise, and enable them to fine-tune and customize predictive models to identify the next-best actions and experiences. Acquia’s machine learning models help identify optimal times for campaigns, best channels for delivery, and more. These tools help teams deliver predictive marketing without relying on teams of data scientists, and eliminate the need for guesswork in data-driven campaigns.

Arçelik, a multinational white goods and electronics leader headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and operating in more than 30 countries, selected Acquia CDP to gain meaningful, actionable insights into customer data. “Acquia CDP recognizes new customer records from any of our data endpoints, including our inbound and outbound call centers, in-store customer kiosks, social media, point-of-sale systems, commerce platform, field service system, and more,” said Baykal Ucar, software solutions & services manager at Arçelik Global. “This has allowed our marketers, sales team, and support representatives to better understand and serve each customer, while attentively complying with data privacy regulations such as GDPR. In addition, Acquia CDP empowers Arçelik’s marketers to work across more than 10 systems, including legacy and cloud, to deduplicate customer data and rapidly build multi-step, cross-system campaign flows. We’ve seen conversion rates reach up to 24% for our automated daily ‘QuickWin’ campaigns and up to 6x improvement in our SMS conversion rates.”

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