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Acquia Launches New Web Experience Platform

Marketing Cloud and Drupal Cloud Unify Data and Content to Provide a Powerful Solution for Building, Personalizing, and Orchestrating Multi-Experiences
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Digital experience company Acquia today announced the launch of its new Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The Acquia Open DXP is powered by Acquia Marketing Cloud and Acquia Drupal Cloud, a unified solution that unlocks the value of data and content so organizations can rapidly create new digital experiences. Marketers and developers now have a single, easy-to-use platform to build, personalize, and orchestrate multi-experience customer journeys across all modes of customer interaction, such as touchscreens, chat, voice, and more.

“The Acquia Open DXP integrates acquired technologies including AgilOne, Mautic, and Cohesion into our portfolio to create the most powerful platform to drive digital transformation,” said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Acquia. “Our open approach makes it easier for customers to add new functionality and components as they grow, or fast-forward into a full digital experience platform, depending on their level of maturity. The Acquia Open DXP is built to scale and support personalized customer journeys of all sizes.”

Acquia’s Open DXP seamlessly integrates Acquia’s platform to build, design, and run digital experiences (Drupal Cloud) with an end-to-end, data-driven marketing platform to create, personalize, and enhance customer journeys (Marketing Cloud). Drupal Cloud features a new, low-code marketer experience, as well as new developer tools to build, scale and secure websites and applications. With its newly built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP), Marketing Cloud provides a 360-degree view of the customer with real-time data integration, machine learning-driven insights, and marketing support for delivering individualized customer experiences at global scale.

“The digital experience market continues to grow, and the subsequent need to create, manage, and deliver those high-quality digital experiences remains essential. The impact of COVID-19 is only going to heighten that demand moving forward,” IDC’s Jacob Groshek said. “Acquia’s launch of their new Open DXP centers around empowering developers and marketers to collaborate in driving agile digital transformation across an organization. Their new Open DXP is both a timely and comprehensive response to the needs of the market.”

Acquia Marketing Cloud now integrates all acquired and existing technologies into a single, easy-to-use, open platform that can be quickly deployed. Features include:

  • Customer Data Platform (formerly AgilOne): CDP delivers a 360-degree view of each unique customer by integrating data across back-end and front-end systems. With open, customizable machine learning models, marketers can gain insights into new customer segments based on observed behaviors and product affinity, leverage predictions to understand likelihood to engage and convert, and deliver next-best offers and next-best actions.
  • Personalization (formerly Acquia Lift): Personalization powers targeted campaigns to deliver the next-best offer across all touchpoints of the customer journey, using CDP data.
  • Campaign Studio (formerly Mautic): Campaign Studio uses CDP data to break down the traditional channel siloes across the organization to orchestrate next-best actions across the customer journey. Marketers can easily engage audiences across all digital properties, including email and more.
  • Campaign Factory (formerly Maestro): For the CMO, Acquia Campaign Factory helps scale global campaign management across brands, regions, and local marketing teams. Campaign Factory provides governance over global digital marketing operations.

Acquia Drupal Cloud introduces new marketer and developer experiences, with added platform extensions to secure and scale digital experiences. This allows for unprecedented collaboration between marketing and IT teams:

  • Site Studio (formerly Cohesion): New for marketers, Site Studio introduces a low-code experience to create and design websites for different devices and interaction types, without a developer. Site Studio is the only solution available that gives marketers fine-grained control over all aspects of experience design, eliminating traditional IT delays and bottlenecks for ongoing site enhancement and optimization.
  • Developer Studio: New for developers, Developer Studio introduces Cloud IDEs to build, stage, and deploy new Drupal sites and applications from anywhere in the world, simply using a web browser. Acquia Cloud IDEs include a comprehensive set of tools and integrations for Drupal developers.
  • CMS Migrate: CMS Migrate includes newly added tools to accelerate migration to Drupal 9 from older versions of Drupal and any legacy CMS.
  • Site Factory: Newly updated to support Drupal 9, Site Factory enables organizations to centrally manage, deploy, and scale sites and applications to provide global governance across multiple brands, regions, and teams.
  • Edge CDN: A global network of over 200 points-of-presence (PoPs), Edge CDN provides dependable delivery of digital experiences by continually optimizing availability and performance, and mitigating risk associated with increasing volatility in traffic due to more online customer engagement.
  • Edge Security: A new security-as-a-service solution, Edge Security mitigates catastrophic security threats in real time by leveraging data-driven insights to dynamically update and protect all sites and experiences from malicious attacks, ensuring brand trust.
  • Cloud Platform: Cloud Platform provides best-in-class infrastructure for trusted, cloud-native Drupal experiences, allowing developers to host and govern digital experiences at scale. Includes enhanced support for maximizing performance, availability, and security of any Drupal site or application.
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