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Act-On Software Launches Best-In-Class Automated Journey Builder

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Act-On Software, the leading growth marketing platform, today launched the Automated Journey Builder, a powerful user experience (UX) built by and for marketers to map out simple and highly complex customer journeys in minutes.

While the entire Act-On platform is used to build out welcome/onboarding, lead nurture, and customer advocacy campaigns, the Automated Journey Builder is the “beating heart” at the center of it all that powerfully connects all platform components. In conjunction with the multi-channel capabilities provided by the core Act-On platform, there’s virtually no limit to the shape and scale of a campaign any marketer can dream up. More so, this visual mapping helps users clearly identify strategies that are working (or aren’t) in real-time — boosting ROI and justifying budgets.

Building off the momentum of a recent re-launch and a refreshed brand focus on growth marketing, Act-On continues to enable marketers to automate more ambitious customer engagement strategies at a time when delivering great customer experience (CX) is critical to business growth. To put this into perspective, PricewaterhouseCooper’s Future of CX report found 73% of people point to CX as an important factor in purchases, but only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies are providing positive CX.

“Top-performing companies realize the importance of prioritizing holistic customer experiences from initial contact to sale to the first time use of their product. Historically, managing this customer journey proved cumbersome,” says Aaron Johnson, chief product officer at Act-On. “Our Automated Journey Builder delivers visibility across the full customer lifecycle with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, UX. Ultimately, this helps marketers drive ROI and deliver more value, faster.”

Act-On enterprise customer REV Group Inc., designer, manufacturer, and distributor of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands, says the new updates not only provide a valuable bird’s eye view of each individual customer journey but a much more streamlined UX.

“From a visual standpoint, this makes it so much easier to identify where prospects are in their journey and then deliver better experiences,” said Cara Moretti, creative manager for the REV Group Inc.

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