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Advice From Tealium Customers on How to Implement a CDP

Tealium customers share their top tips for implementing a CDP in this article. Don't miss out on their expert advice!

Knowing how to implement a CDP is easier than you may think! During Digital Velocity ‘22 we asked some of our strongest users for their best advice on implementing a CDP and wow, did they come through!

Know Where You Want to Begin, Have Goals in Mind

CDPs do the hard work for you of organizing your customer data and making it usable. However we, in addition to our wonderful partners, believe that having an understanding of your data or a goal for it will allow you to expertly begin to manage it.

Sadia Khan, a Director of Demand Gen & Digital Marketing at United Airlines urged participants to have an understanding of your data before you implement a CDP.

Having an idea about what you want your data to help you with will impact the way you go about implementing it.

Setting individual and company wide goals before beginning to implement a CDP will give you direction and purpose when figuring out how to best use your data.

Catch Sadia’s full session recording here!

Furthermore, Drew Isaacs, the Vice President for Marketing Operations at Novartis explains how one use case can lead to many… even into the hundreds!

Creating journeys, having goals, and understanding the data itself will all power your transition to using a CDP.  Knowing what you are looking for and how to sort through it will make it all the easier to implement a CDP.

Catch Drew’s full session recording here!

Make Sure your First Party Data is Clean and Usable

Jason Paddock, Senior Director of Marketing Data and Technology at Oportun takes it back to the basics as he reminds us that your first step should be having good data.

Without clean data you will have a hard time creating accurate and useful actions. As Jason expertly said, garbage in is garbage out.

Make sure to catch Jason’s full session recording here!

Pay Attention to the Whole Ecosystem Rather than the Singular Tool

Paying attention to the whole ecosystem and not addressing a CDP as a singular tool but rather a part of the whole system will in turn enable all tools to work to their fullest extent. Michael Davis, the Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Shift Paradigm discussed the importance of closing the data loop and making sure you account for the whole ecosystem.

Watch Michael’s full session recording here!

Ido Bar Oz, a Senior Director of Global Tech & Cloud Partnerships at Braze shared similar thoughts during our travel and hospitality session.

While it is often easier to focus on the singular tool rather than the group you should implement a CDP with other Martech tools and strategies in mind. Doing so will allow you to more easily, and, more importantly, successfully create a high quality customer experience. Furthermore, having a CDP that is vendor neutral will assure an easy integration up and down your tech stack.

Catch Ido’s full session recording here!

Stay Up to Date with Trends

Sadia Khan shared some more useful advice during our Travel and Hospitality session. She makes sure to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of marketing technology. She urges us to set aside time to research what is happening in the world of martech so you are not left behind.

The world of technology is constantly changing and staying on top of new trends and devices is critical. Set aside time and align the right people who can dive deep into those changes to make sure that your company is keeping up with the times.

Catch Sadia’s full session recording here!

Our aim is always to make it as easy as possible for our customers to implement a CDP. We never turn down an opportunity to hear from some of our amazing partners and customers to see how we can support and streamline their process. Remembering to keep your data clean and your goals clear will ensure that your company’s CDP implementation will be seamless!

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Sophie Saddik, Content Marketing Intern at Tealium

Sophie Saddik is the Content Marketing Intern at Tealium. She is currently studying at NYU with a concentration in English Literature and International Relations.

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