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Zeropark introduces AI-powered ad campaign optimization

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Codewise, the industry’s first provider of AI-powered online ad measurement and management solutions for digital marketers, recognized by the Financial Times among the fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2017 and 2018, today announced that it has launched the addition of Smart eCPA to Zeropark, Codewise’s ad exchange platform. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the new feature will allow Zeropark’s users to automatically optimize their ad campaigns to a predefined eCPA goal.

Zeropark provides thousands of performance marketers and website publishers around the world with a platform connecting both sides and allowing them to buy and sell advertising space on a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) basis.

The AI-powered Smart eCPA feature is more than just an alternative cost model in Zeropark. When enabled, Zeropark’s machine learning algorithms will work on optimizing Smart eCPA campaigns to a predefined target cost per acquisition.

“Smart eCPA assesses 16 dimensions in real time and picks the most effective data points for optimization, creating unparalleled, bespoke targeting for each campaign. These dimensions include operating system version, internet connection type and speed, device type and more,” said Mateusz Drela, Business Development Director at Zeropark.

Campaign optimization is a crucial, yet mundane and time-consuming part of online advertising. Smart eCPA simplifies this process to just one click of a button, optimizing at a speed and scale unreachable for humans, due to its capability of analyzing millions of data point combinations.

Thanks to Smart eCPA, marketers no longer have to spend a large part of their day on complex manual optimization, but can instead focus on scaling up their media buying venture and run simultaneously more campaigns than ever.

“We’ve already been successful in implementing AI in our ad tracking tool – Voluum, helping thousands of digital marketers across agencies and brands get the most out of their online ad management efforts thanks to the real-time automatic matching of traffic to the estimated best offers and landing pages and to their best combinations. We’re also extremely proud to have our colleague, Dr. Paweł Rzeszuciński join the European AI Alliance launched by the European Commission. The introduction of Smart eCPA in Zeropark further signifies Codewise’s belief that the future of advertising lies in Artificial Intelligence,” said Dr. John Malatesta, President and Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at Codewise.

About Codewise
Founded in 2011, Codewise is the industry’s first provider of AI-powered online ad measurement and management solutions for digital marketers. In 2017 and 2018, Codewise was recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times and Deloitte. Codewise’s solutions help thousands of businesses in 190 countries to track, measure, and optimize billions of dollars of advertising spend, boosting their efficiency and ROI like never before. Codewise is currently tracking over $2.5 billion of digital ad spend for some of the world’s largest brands and ad agencies, including $400 million of ad spend on Facebook. Learn more at www.codewise.com

About Zeropark
Zeropark is a performance traffic exchange connecting advertisers, affiliates and media buying teams with high-performance traffic sources, in Real-Time. It offers hand-picked traffic from parked domain redirects, Mobile App and Premium Pop. It features robust targeting options and powerful optimization tools bolstered by machine learning mechanisms, all in a user-friendly interface. Zeropark serves 150 million ad views every day. www.zeropark.com

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