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Ancora Software Launches Sales Order Automation (SOA)

Business Process Automation Solution provider, Ancora Software Launches Sales Automation Solution
Ancora Software Launches Sales Order Automation (SOA)

Ancora Software announces the launch of our Sales Automation Solution, SOA to complement our industry disruptive Accounts Payable Automation solution.

Sales order and purchase order processing are very complementary to the Ancora AP processing solution. Like AP processing the primary benefit to SOA is the elimination of manual data entry and data entry errors. Also, Ancora recognizes more specific problems in the SOA process; orders being delayed due to labor-intensive steps as well as problems in handling orders during peak processing times and managements lack visibility into the process. By applying the same industry-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence technology developed for AP processing Ancora can easily solve these problems for their clients.

Ancora’s patented Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Extraction technology, with its machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, provides delivery of a comprehensive solution but in a drastically shorter amount of time than competitors with a very simple and intuitive GUI. This enables customers to be into production in hours or days, not weeks or months whether deploying their AP Invoice Automation and now their Sales Order Automation solution, Document Classification or forms processing. AncoraDocs is scalable and can be deployed in SMB as well as large enterprise customers and can be deployed as a true multi-tenant SaaS solution, an on-premise solution or a hybrid of both including zero-footprint browser-based clients.

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