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AppLift Introduces Programmatic Premium Offering, AppLift Studio with the Collaboration of Gamewheel

Berlin and San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea: AppLift, a mobile ad tech company, today announced AppLift Studio, a new approach to help mobile app advertisers develop creatives with a focus on best-in-class playable ad performance. In collaboration with Gamewheel’s proprietary tool for engagement-based Dynamic Playable Optimization, AppLift’s unified platform, DataLift 360, now offers dynamically optimized playables, increased performance and boosted conversion rates (CRs).

By extending its current offering, AppLift has created a new studio for playables and premium programmatic engagement campaigns. AppLift has tested several campaigns with top game advertisers, boosting their ROAS by more than five times. By creating interactive ads and personalizing the content based on data, this solution is designed to increase engagement and return on advertising spend, from user acquisition through to retargeting efforts.

“Advertisers have been seeking alternate media channels, outside the walled gardens, on which to transfer complex messages,” said Tim Koschella, CEO of AppLift. “With AppLift Studio, the advertiser’s data is in safe hands. We are thrilled to offer access to premium playable creatives on programmatic.”

Findings show that a day one retention rate is only 26 percent on both iOS and Android, and the retention rate at Day 30 is as low as 6 percent. In addition to this, user acquisition costs become more and more expensive. Thus, it is imperative that advertisers focus beyond the install to ensure that profit is earned for maximum ROI.

“We’re seeing more brands and game publishers realize the need for a measurable marketing approach for branding and performance,” said Evgeni Kouris, CEO and Founder of Gamewheel. “By marrying AppLift’s programmatic expertise and our wealth of creative capabilities, we are able to offer a premium playable experience, accessible via RTB. By running it programmatically, as opposed to on a network, we’re able to offer higher levels of transparency and better options for advertisers to reach their target users with the right messages.”

AppLift Studio is focused on the development of various ad formats, beyond just playable ads, including all premium programmatic engagement campaigns in collaboration with Gamewheel, with a deeper focus on data, media and creative. Users will receive end-to-end consultative support from industry and creative experts on campaign strategy, with access to premium creative ad units. With this, the solution creates conversion rates 10 times above market standard, which boosts engagement metrics, with results achieving up to five times higher ROAS when leveraging premium and playable engagement campaigns. DataLift360 reaches approximately 65 billion monthly unique impressions with playables. Assuming an average play time of five seconds, this results in 90 million hours of play time.

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