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Arm Treasure Data Brings Advanced AI ML-Based Analytics to its CDP

Customer Data Platform landscape has been a busy space with maturing technologies and new innovations breaking the threshold of competitiveness every quarter. Today, it’s time for Arm Treasure Data to make the buzz.

Arm Treasure Data is turning a new chapter in its Customer Data Platform with enhanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. The CDP provider has announced new product capabilities and features. These include Treasure Boxes and Custom Scripts. The new features would enable accelerate business results that CDP customers will see from the platform. The announcement comes within eighteen months of Arm acquiring Treasure Data.

  • Treasure Boxes deliver prebuilt code and applications which customers can instantly use to unlock the value from the CDP
  • Custom Scripts provide new methods for bringing AI/ML-based analytics and unique data sources to Marketing campaigns

At the time of this acquisition, Arm had confirmed leveraging and further refining the offerings in its CDP with device-to-data IoT features. Technologies from Treasure Data, the acquisition of Stream and Arm Mbed Cloud will be combined to form the industry’s first end-to-end IoT connectivity, device, and data management platform. The new Arm Pelion IoT Platform will enable organizations to quickly, securely and sustainably create actionable insights from IoT, enterprise and third-party data.

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CDP Customers Get IoT, AI ML and Predictive Intelligence under One Roof

Treasure Boxes are the industry’s first CDP solutions library of prebuilt sets of code and applications. Treasure Boxes can be easily deployed in a customer’s Arm Treasure Data account to seamlessly leverage customer data for specific use cases. Custom Scripts provide companies with the ability to run AI/ML-based analytics on their data to drive actionable insights for Marketing campaigns.

At the time of this announcement, Kazuki Ohta, Vice President of Technology, IoT services group, Arm, stated –

“Enterprises struggling with an influx of online and offline data sources require flexible technology that helps them efficiently manage and secure their data to drive meaningful insights. Expanding our CDP platform to include Treasure Boxes and Custom Scripts will make it easier for customers to deploy new use cases while deriving more value from their data.”

Whether it’s a marketer who needs to offer more personalized experiences or an engineer needing to simplify data workflows, these latest advances in CDP technology offer additional flexibility across a wide range of customer segments.

Arm Treasure Data was named the Best Customer Data Platform (CDP) at the 2019 Marketing Technology Awards in March 2019. The Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP is recognized for its ability to securely unify all types of data, scalability, and use of advanced Machine Learning for fast, actionable insights that help transform and drive growth for some of the most successful businesses in the world.

At no cost to current customers, the Treasure Boxes library applies nearly a decade of data learnings with a combination of code snippets, entire components, and visualizations, enabling companies to immediately take advantage of new data and analytics use cases for their businesses. A few examples of these use cases include providing next best action recommendations based on customers’ social media scores, predicting energy consumption, tracking sales or churn, analyzing online Advertising campaigns and more.

The introduction of Custom Scripts delivers the ability to run AI/ML-based analytics to enrich data and tap into new data sources through Treasure Data CDP. Custom Scripts allow all data pipelines, regardless of the language or library, to be leveraged on the platform. This means that customers no longer need to build one-off integrations to access their data, which was a time-consuming process. Additionally, companies will save time in the product development of Machine Learning models for richer customer segments that require accelerated campaign decisions.

“With Custom Scripts in workflows, setting up the data pipeline to Arm Treasure Data CDP is seamless,” said Lucas Borges, global IT manager, consumer data strategy, AB InBev.

Lucas added, “These pipelines typically consist of multiple complex steps, but Custom Scripts have unleashed the power of Python directly in the workflow, and simplified building these data infrastructures considerably.”

Arm Treasure Data has more than 400 customers including recent deployments with Sanrio and ZOZO Technologies. Customers such as Pioneer have achieved valuable results from their initial Treasure Data CDP deployment, and are expanding to new use cases including an initiative to build accident-prediction models to help drivers modify their behavior with AI technology with a goal of reducing accident rates.

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