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Association of Lenovo DCG and GetIT Comms continues for the second time

Lenovo DCG and GetIT Comms

Association of Lenovo DCG and GetIT Comms continues for the second time.

The GetIT Comms is the newly appointed marketing solution provider for Lenovo DCG.  The company is now entitled to handle both the strategy and the management functions across the brand portfolio of computing, storage, networking, and services. Along with this, it is also covering other aspects like a converged cloud, big data, high-performance computing and even hyper-scale solution for the enterprise market.

Lenovo DCG and GetIT will be taking new initiatives to approach and win more customers. The primary target of the GetIT is to tailor marketing campaigns. This account based marketing is going to target across the digital channel of Lenovo DCG to enhance the flow of traffic and derive new business in the Asia Pacific region.

In this extremely volatile market where competitors are trying to fetch the best position, the agency plans to integrate the DCG marketing automation platform and the CRM tools to create widespread popularity and support the growth of Lenovo DCG.

A year back GetIT Comms have also developed a reporting solution for Lenovo DCG that encompasses the different marketing stages of a customer lifecycle. The integration of Custom real-time marketing dashboards helps in delivering the exact data to provide a clear understanding of different teams at Lenovo DCG.

The Lenovo DCG Chief marketing officer Sachin Bhatia said that the company shares a prolong association with GetIT Comms and have achieved a successful result last year due to their significant experience on the B2B platform and catapulting fresh ideas on every project.

On asking Anol Bhattacharya CEO of GetIT Comms about this association, he said that the true essence of marketing lies in the strategic partnership. Such collaboration reflects how GetIT Comms work with clients and develop new and innovative ideas to create marketing campaigns.  Our past success and the recent business outcomes will also help Lenovo DCG to enhance its value in the market.

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