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Audience Engagement Firm 3radical Unveils Gamification Mechanics

3radical, the leader in audience engagement and earned data solutions, today announces the launch of four new engagement mechanics – brain puzzle games Sudoku and Wordsearch, Matching Puzzles, and Choose Your Own Adventure.

Adding to 3radical’s Voco gamification software’s already extensive library, these new mechanics allow organizations to configure their own branded versions of games from the most popular online game genres, creating mutual value exchanges between themselves and their customers. This gives organizations the ability to earn customer data willingly and transparently.

Brain Puzzle Games – Sudoku and Wordsearch:

  • The games can be played against uniquely themed backgrounds and soundtracks and include brand specific words in the word search mechanic
  • They are supported by challenge options including:
    • Setting difficulty levels
    • Turning helpful hints on and off
    • Limiting the number of mistakes permitted
    • Competing against the clock
    • Attaining high scores within a certain number of moves or timescale

Matching Puzzles:

  • These take first place in studies for engaging users for the largest portion of player time
  • Our versions provide options for solutions requiring extended engagement duration
  • Organizations can configure their own puzzle games by tailoring the icons and other graphics to match brand guidelines

Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA):

  • This challenges a user to navigate through a deck of cards, with a simple thumb swipe, that presents a series of choices or interactions.
  • It collects all user responses to trigger engagement stories and rewards to personalize the experience further
  • Responses can also be exported to drive data strategies in existing Martech platforms
  • This mechanic provides a more captivating experience, supporting a wide range of engagement use cases that challenge users to consider the impact of their responses or actions in areas such as:
    • Business simulations that raise awareness of how employees’ choices affect business parameters
    • Teaching simulations to show users how to have better conversations with customers about new products and services
    • Recruitment simulations to assess candidate suitability for a role when deployed as part of a talent attraction/recruitment program.

All the new mechanics have the ability to drive competition between users when complemented with existing Voco engagement mechanics such as High Score tables, Achievement Walls and Progress Screens

“3radical are continually enhancing the award-winning Voco platform with innovative ways to help clients engage with their audiences and earn data,” said Michael D, Fisher, CEO at 3radical. “This release builds on the introduction of Voco’s Content Hosting Interface earlier this year to enable clients and partners to rapidly add new and differentiated methods of engaging with audiences. Adding further depth and diversity to the Voco games catalogue extends to the business user greater opportunity to align the right game mechanics to the right audience, supporting the design of personalized digital experiences for the individual.”

Game mechanics have been proven across a range of business use cases to attract and maintain audience engagement over time by providing experiences that are both interactive and differentiated from competitor brands. These new games are added to the mix of ways 3radical’s Voco gamification software can engage users in learning more about products and services and complement listening activities through quizzes and polls. They give organizations opportunities to earn zero- and first-party data from prospects and customers. Furthermore, game mechanics have been used with employees as part of the value exchange for driving engagement at the corporate level with digital content, gathering feedback, and surveying the workforce.

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