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Augmented Reality: The newest dominating force in the Martech space

Augmented Reality

The martech space is ever-rising. This calls the need for the marketers to employ out-of-the-box ideas and to make use of cutting-edge technology so as to stay abreast in the competitive world. One such technology is Augmented Reality.

The beginning of 2018 witnessed the enhanced use of Augmented Reality, which is undoubtedly a big innovation as well as a game changer in the martech space. AR is one such tool that can be used to engage your customers and to offer them with an immersive experience. Apart from this, here are two reasons that highlight the potential of AR to dominate the martech landscape:

1.   It offers detailed product information and deeper product experience

The modern-day consumers are tech savvy and have higher expectations when it comes to the shopping experience. They carry out intensive research before ordering a product online. They look for reviews & ratings of each product and want detailed information about each product so that they can make the final call without a doubt.

In such a scenario, it is expected from the marketers that they should provide immersive product experience to the consumers. Here, AR comes into play. With the use of applications powered by AR, and tools such as AR glasses and headsets, the marketers can offer deeper insights into their products so that the customers can have a great buying journey.

2.     Offers transparency to the buyers and alleviate asymmetric information

When buying online, the customers cannot physically see the things or experience the functionality or features. The consumers thus yearn to get every bit of information about the product so that they can make the right buying choice. The biggest hurdle in the consumer-brand path is asymmetric information due to which consumers cannot judge whether the quoted price is justified or overly-priced. However, AR has the potential to totally eradicate this issue. The marketers can use AR to provide transparency to the customers by offering them with the right information about the product.

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